Social skills not working?


I’d like to ask! Maybe I am just not interpreting the behavior of the skills properly. But it seems that both Diplomacy (5% additional pay per skill level) and Security Connections (LP gain by 10% per level) are not working.

I was offered a quest from security division NPC and It stated particular amount of LPs and ISKs as a reward. Then I trained Security Connections to level 2, accepted the quest, completed it and I got just originally displayed LPs.

Another test I did was to form a fleet with a friend who hadn’t trained any of the skills, he accepted a quest, we completed the quest, turned it and split reward. We both got same amount of ISKs and LPs.

Do these work for you? Thank you.

Without looking in game or on EVE Uni… IIRC, Diplomacy is increased effective standing with the factions that you are negative with at the moment. It might turn a -8 pirate faction into a -6 pirate faction for you. Or turn that empire faction you’ve been accepting too many tag missions (empire faction kill missions) against from a -1.5 to a +0.5.

But it doesn’t really have anything to do with mission pay, IIRC.

The Social skill itself and Security/Distribution/Mining Connections are the main skills that have to do with the mission rewards themselves, IIRC. Diplomacy (for negative standing factions) and Connections (for positive standing factions) just adjust your effective standings.

My BAD, I am meant these two:
Negotiation -> for ISKs
Security connections -> for LPs

I forgot about Negotiation.

Social, Connections, Diplomacy, Negotiation, and the 3 types of Mission_Type_Here_Connections skills, yeah. I’m about to do a triple charisma remap on my 3 mains and finish a lot of those off to L5 along with some market skills to L5 and boosting skills to L4 or L5, so… need to make sure I know which ones to pump to the max as well.

It’s quite likely that when splitting with your friend, btw, the person who accepted the mission and is turning in the mission and is choosing to split the rewards of the mission… is the only one whose skills matter in that moment (in other words, the other person can have L0s or L5s in the relevant skills, it won’t matter).

I share mission rewards with myself but all 3 of my toons have the same skill levels atm, so I can’t do similar tests. Also, same mission from the same agent sometimes has different ISK and LP rewards even with the same skill levels, so… random is random sometimes.

Once a mission is ‘generated’ the rewards are fixed, you would see the same thing if you were running the mission and the skill leveled while you were ‘mid mission’.

Mission rewards are based on the ‘accepting’ characters skills, so your skills will have no affect on the payout from someone elses mission.

To prove this is (or is not) working as intended, take note of the particular mission and it’s rewards now (when you’re lvl 2), and then when you hit lvl 3 wait until you see that same mission and note the ‘updated’ rewards. I think you’ll find they do increase as you would expect.


Thank you guys for your replies.

ACK for when my friend accepted the mission. I can do similar test when I accept the mission and then we split the reward, shouldn’t he get less LPs and ISKs as me?

And actually I did that testing scenario. I checked the quest, it said 58 LPs, then I leveled up security connections from 0 to level 2 and checked again and mission offer remained the same 58LPs. So I thought this 20 percent LP bonus will be applied after completing the mission. So then I accepted the mission - still 58LP, completed mission and got 58LPs.

Do we know when these skills are being applied? When you are offered the mission, when you accept the mission or when you are being paid for the mission so you get extra reward?

I believe it is broken. Can anyone prove otherwise?

Security connections doesn’t yield extra LPs.
Negotiation doesn’t give extra ISKs.


  1. Quest offer: 58LPs
  2. skill upgraded form 0 to 2
  3. Quest offer still 58LPs -> accepted
  4. Quest completed -> 58 LPs gain - NO EXTRA LPs

  1. Friend with no Security connections neither Negotiation skill accepted quest
  2. Fleet formed
  3. quest completed and turned in
  4. we both got same amount of LPs and ISKs

Please advise.

No, because as stated previously, here let me quote it for you:

Once the mission has been generated (Offered) the rewards for that mission are then fixed.

Again, once offered the rewards will NOT change, no matter what happens to your skills.

And again this is how it is supposed to work, because the rewards are based on the ‘mission taker’ and are split among the fleet equally, if you’re not accepting the mission your skills have NO affect on the mission payment.

Afaict you’ve simply re-run the ‘tests’ I’ve previously mentioned were incorrect, and I’m not sure how else to state it so it makes sense to you. I’m going to suggest it is working as intended or there would be far more people complaining.


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Sure thing. I’m no expert on the social skills, but I have been missioning since 2013 on my first toon, since 2014 on my second toon, and since 2015 on my booster alt, now my third main IMO.

AFAIK all splits are even. if you split 2 ways it’s 50/50, if you split 3 ways it’s 33.3333/33.3333/33.3333 etc. etc.

Up to 10 toons in fleet. above 10 toons in fleet it only splits among 10… not entirely sure on how it decides who to leave out. was recently in a VG incursion fleet with 12 toons in fleet, someone went and did some L1s for their dailies (they had been logi during the incursion fleet, weren’t killing rats)…

And all the shared payouts/ISK/standing got split between the same 10 toons each time. the 2 toons left out each time were very random. one had lower standing than many of the others, but one had HIGHER standings than many of the others. Might be based on who joined fleet when? I figured once upon a time it was alphabetical, but no, the above experience the other day invalidates that. It was a D name and a M name left out. plenty of people from A to S (Sylvia here!) got paid/standings/LP.

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