Sheeesh.... should I pass on the Security Connections skill

So I was going through skills and trying to pick up some good ones i might be overlooking.

Well I saw Security Connections and was surprised at the 10% boost to Loyalty Points per level. At level 5 that’s is huge! I click on the red icon for the skill book cost and I had to search the market, but it was 28 million isk. I’ve got a couple 100mil isk in the bank, but is this worth it? I am in the middle of level 2 security missions.

If you plan on running missions for LP in the long run, then it’s worth it. Personally, I have all Social skills at 5, but I also run a lot of missions and Arcs.


L2 doesnt give much LP compared to 3 and 4. I wouls save up your isk if you are that worried about it.

Bouncing on what quake said, if LP is interesting to you, and you can get in a good market area for it, grab it. Look around other regions see if you can find it cheaper


For higher missions, and especially ones in lower security status areas, the LP is often worth much more than the isk reward. The skill to increase LP therefore makes those missions even more valuable. 28 million isk is a bargain for the return you get forever.


Had the same thinking years ago. My choice: To pay the skillbook in LP, not in ISK.
Some NPC Corps offer the skillbook in their LP store.


That skill has made me an extra 20b in the last 3 months compared to If I didn’t have it.


But then I also use it a lot.


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