Stuck in the tutorial, have no skill book or isk

I am up to the part where I need to train a skill in order to progress the tutorial.

Problem is I don’t have the skill book and i don’t have any isk to purchase the skill book…

I watched other people on youtube doing the tutorial and they were able to train a skill right away.

Would suggest live chat w/GM’s to resolve this →

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Sell stuff that you have been given as reward from previous tutorial missions. Claim rewards that you may have earned so far from some tutorial missions.

Local and Help chat are the quickest ways to get help.

Career Agents give you ISK for doing zero skill tasks. They also give you free ships and other items you can sell on the market. There are 12 schools and 45 missions per school spread out across the galaxy.

Need more help? Watch this tutorial.

Click the 3 lines above your picture → Activities → project discovery

When ever you are in a pinch and need a little isk this is a quick way to get a little.

Skills train even while you are off line. When I started this game, I played on my main while the alt had a mess of skills running for 30 days. The daily login gives you skill boosts and the only other way to boost is buying injectors, they cost too much. After I learned what skills were most important, I grabbed one of those links for the free million SP and used it on my main. Skill books sometimes drop as mission rewards.

As for ISK, I keep seeing people with their hand out for ISK, there are plenty of methods to make ISK early in the game. I see most of those have been stated already.

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