Seeker Investigation - a view from the capsule

A new capsuleer is sent on a simple courier mission which turns out to be baptism by fire. He is dragged into a CONCORD investigation during which he saves lives, sees strange sites and fights Seeker drones. The capsuleer writes about his experience in a journal which contains some mission details but also a background story of his development as a pilot, guided by charismatic agent Annukka. Seeker Investigation starts with The First Mission and weaves its way through 16 increasingly difficult assignments. Not everything that happens in the capsuleer’s life is related to the investigation, though. A reader who will go through the whole journal will find some side quests which bring our hero to null-sec and a dreaded Blood Raiders station. For those who are interested in the missions only, here is a list of relevant chapters. The mission names are mentioned in parenthesis where they are different from the chapter names.

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