Career agents - a view from the capsule

After completing Seeker Investigation Vladimir Korff enrols in State War Academy in Uitra in order to explore various career paths. He takes Business, Exploration, Industry and Military courses supervised by career agents. Some of them he will like, some of them he will hate - I mean both, courses and teachers. He also finds that not all of the missions, strictly speaking, fit the curriculum. Some agents use them as an opportunity to tighten system security, some - to improve the Academy’s budget bottom line, and yet others - to further their personal interests.

Here is the list of chapters describing the adventures of Vladimir Korff and his boisterous ship AI Aura in State War Academy. The mission names (or descriptions) are mentioned in parenthesis where they are different from the chapter names.

Career path: Exploration
Agent: Chigas Ovoken

  1. The Exploration of Space (Cosmic Anomalies)
  2. A Visit to a Museum (An Introduction to Cosmic Signatures)
  3. Scan. Warp. Hack. (Data, Relic and Gas Sites Scanning)

Career path: Industry
Agent: Kokseri Velen
Mission series: Making Mountains of Molehills

  1. Making Mountains of Molehills (Mining)
  2. Finer Things (Refining)
  3. One and a Half Afterburners (Manufacturing)
  4. Watching the Paint Dry (Mining in a Danger Zone)
  5. On Some Aspects of Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (Transportation)
  6. Hunting Asteroids (Complex Manufacturing)
  7. Boosting the Trade (Delivery to a buyer)
  8. I Am a Shipbuilder (Complicated Manufacturing)
  9. Mining Merlin (Catching a spy)
  10. Bantam Building (Building a frigate)

Career path: Business
Agent: Hakkaras Ihora
Mission series: Balancing the books

  1. Balancing the Books (Transportation)
  2. Wrecks’R’Us (Salvaging)
  3. The Mother of Learning (Reprocessing)
  4. Hacking and Slashing (Data Analysis)
  5. Teraflops Matter (Transportation)
  6. Tracking Profits (Acquiring a tracking computer)
  7. Professor Aura (Relic Analysis)
  8. A Truckful of Data (Transportation)
  9. Business Savvy (Acquiring afterburners)
  10. How to Make Metal Scraps (Manufacturing rockets)

Career path: Military
Agent: Ranta Tarumo
Mission series: Cash Flow for Capsuleers

  1. Cash Flow for Capsuleers (Pirates at a mining colony)
  2. Hostage Rescue
  3. Have a Blast, He Said (Retrieving secret documents)
  4. Illegal Stargate (Scouting)
  5. A Job Offer (Rendezvous with Tahamar)
  6. Pirate’s Stash (Destroying an outpost)
  7. A Three-Course Dinner (Fighting Tahamar’s gang)
  8. Who Needs a Janitor? (Transporting envoys)
  9. Shortcut to Happiness (Destroying narcotics warehouse)
  10. The Final(?) Battle with Tahamar

Career path: Advanced Military
Agent: Ijumachi Vuonolailen

  1. The Swap
  2. Angel of Mercy
  3. Your Undivided Attention
  4. A Friend in Need
  5. The Stand
  6. Don’t Look Back
  7. Weapon of Choice
  8. The Pacifist
  9. Glue
  10. The Exam

Wow, you’ve put a lot of effort into this.

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Yes, I thought the mission grinding was dull and imagined a story behind it.

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