Seeking A Very Particular Set Of Skills

I’ve recently returned to Eve. I’ve been in Eve since 2014. This is—of course—not my main. This is a new character, training “a very particular set of skills.”

I am recruiting a small set of pilots to join a new corp. I’m seeking team-oriented members, those who enjoy playing with a small set of friends that know each other by name/voice. Veteran? Newbro? Doesn’t matter, as long as you are dedicated to the group.

We’re seeking pilots that want to enjoy every aspect of Eve. We’re PVP focused, but with a side of mining/indy to support our particular play style. That play style involves:

— small gang PVP
— BLOPS (black ops, stealth bombers, cloaky shenanigans)
— Activity in hisec/lowsec/0.0

We’ll help you train the skills and we’ll practice them as a team. We’ll fly together and we’ll get blown up together. It will be glorious, but most importantly… it will be fun!

Content in Eve today is not what it used to be. The brotherhood found in the small, tight-knit groups of pilots is now a rarity. I’m seeking pilots that want a home where your fellow team members know who you are. They know your life, your personality, and they care about you as an individual—both in-game and in RL. This used to be common in Eve. Not any more.

If you want that same small team experience, even if you’re new to Eve, I invite you to chat. Skills can be trained. Experience can be gained. Tactics can be taught. But the type of pilot I’m seeking—one I will eventually call a friend—that must come from the heart.

Learn more about Galactic Acquisitions and Negotiations Corporation today. Contact Gio Hara in-game by convo or mail.


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Cute. The corps Description has a bit of a Wingspanny “We’re happy we could make a delivery to you” feel.

Just trying to rekindle some of that “old Eve” magic, my friend. Looking for a few pilots that want to create their own content.

Come make your own content instead of waiting for CCP to create it for you.

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