Seeking alliance for Corporation+Asset defense for active war(Time sensative)

Seeking Alliance for Station defense against: C A P S T E X T., Bully Brigade
Defending corporation: Subhuman Logistics United
Assets at risk Raitaru Station+Athanor Station+Main Modules
Located in Constellation: Aptetter
Willing to work out a deal for Assistance
Message me in-game

These guys focus mostly on abandoned structures. If they cannot get cans to drop because of it being fueled they leave it alone. Unless it is a final timer.

Should I just keep the stations fueled and wait it out the war timer then? I had started talking to one of the alliance’s CEOs about what can be done to end the war and they wanted 2 bil. Still haven’t given them anything yet. I was legit just about to have them decommissioned when this started.

Well definitely don’t pay them. You’ll just be out 2b and the structure.

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