Hello caps, looking for someone to help me out a little bit. My refinery is being attacked by at least three different corporations in a low-sec area. I tried to be respectful to these individuals and utilized diplomacy, but they seem like they are not listening. Not one time did I attack any of their bases or anybody in their corp. and all I was doing was mining with my refinery. They told me that I disrespected them because I did not ask to set up my refinery. When I tried to reason with them, now they refuse. Any advice on how to diffuse this situation with individuals who are jerks?



Im on the edge about C&P or Merc services.

Lets see how it goes.

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Most likely you will be losing your refinery. Just get your stuff safe and make plans on how to move on afterwards.

I came to the realization that what you are saying is the only outcome. Sounds like you been through this before a time or two. Some people you just can’t reason with. Thanks for the advice.

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I’ve been around New Eden for long enough to know how such attacks end, especially in lowsec or nullsec, let alone in wormhole-space. Save what you can and rebuild. I tip my hat to your courage to do something like that alone. This game is not easy alone. I’d suggest finding people to group up with.

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I will take your advice and do that. I should have known better from the start to do that, so really it is my fault for not fully analyzing the situation . I can always rebuild and get with a good corp. Thanks again for your reply.

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If you were in highsec you’d find plenty of groups willing to help.

In lowsec, unless potential allies have a sizeable capital fleet that they can escalate with, you’l generally find groups less willing to assist.

If you can’t pay the attackers off, better to just get your stuff safe and take the loss.

TBH - perhaps the best approach is just to publish the times when reinforcement is going to end. Random groups might turn up and shoot the attackers and you might somehow keep your refinery. More than likely your refinery will still die, but there could be a good fight in the process.


That was my next question, what would be my chances in highsec. I know if anyone wanted to start a war they would have to pay 100 million ISK a week for a war declaration to keep a war going. I just want to mine and build my empire, but it seems like it is going to be very difficult without joining a corp. I am going to get me another refinery in highsec and try to recruit some help because I like to be my own boss.

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Two aspects here:

Without allies to assist

  • Not good if attacked (see below)
  • Upwell structure defences are support weapons, especially in highsec
  • You need a fleet to help if you want to defend against anything sizeable

With allies to assist

  • Easily defendable
  • If you can find a good group that doesn’t just ally for their own purposes (ie. to increase their own targets to shoot at), then even a small fleet together with someone smart manning the structure, can defend successully

Additionally in highsec, there aren’t any R32 or R64 moons. They are lower quality, so there is less likelihood that someone will take the refinery from you.

Thanks for your advice, appreciate it very much. I will try to get me a fleet or some allies. I got a couple in mind. Thanks again for your help.

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You need to send them three times the value of the refinery, along with a full apology.

It is outrageous that you did not ask permission before establishing an illegal mining facility.

You claim to have conducted diplomacy, but all you did was offer sweet nothings while you set about secretly trying to set up your own private “empire”. Shame on you, miner!

You must obey the law. This is the custom. It is known.


Which law?

You can read the full law here: www.minerbumping.com

Please familiarize yourself with the full rules and regulations regarding mining, and know that if you violate the sacred terms and conditions of the mining permit, then your refinery WILL BE CONFISCATED. This is the law. Amen.

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Maybe you should familiarize yourself with this thread Aiko.

He’s in lowsec. Even James doesn’t claim lowsec as illegal mining.

I can see you haven’t been reading the blog. We claimed the entire galaxy last year. What fools you miners are, to think that CODE. agents don’t have interests outside of highsec.

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How many refineries have you confiscated outside highsec exactly?

Quite a few friend, how about you?

Evidence suggests otherwise:

We stick purely to confiscating illegal refineries in highsec:

You are a fool, of course.

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Of course, but even fools can be right.

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