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I’m new so bare with me. I have a quick question in regards to Corps… is there a such thing as a Corp that provides asset protection and fleet security for other corps?

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If you mean in regards to War Declarations? then yes, you can head over to the Mercenary Services subsection of ‘Corporations & Alliances’. However I don’t think any Merc Corp can ensure with 100% certainty that your assets, or fleet for that matter, will be saved from destruction.


What I really mean to say is, are there any corps that get hired to protect another corps assets and ships… I.e a mining Corp is mining and use another Corp to protect those assets and fleet.

Hard to say if anyone have been hired to do that, but if that is what you’re looking for. you can always ask for such a service in that subsection. The question is probably more like, is it worth it to spend (maybe) large sums of ISK to hire some protection?

In Highsec there are really no need to hire protection, unless you’re at war with somebody, all you have to do is fly the appropriate ships for the occasion. In Lowsec or Null I doubt that it would be worth it, due to the risk vs reward, who’s to say that your hired protection doesn’t turn their guns on to those they are meant to protect just to earn some valuable KMs and/or loot. In the heat of a battle alot of things can happen, intentionally or not, so what if they happen to kill one of you during a battle?


Awesome answer, thanks! I guess we can close this thread! I appreciate the help!

Industrial highsec based corps can sometimes be mass-wardecced by large pvp alliances, its common to see mercenary corporations offering to help in those engagements. I’m certain there are groups dedicated to asset protection, do some digging and see what you can find! Maybe try joining the MERC Contracts and Recruitment public chat channels in-game and asking around. Corp recruiters will give you a good idea of what they’re all about if you ask.

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