Ah, so you admit you are a fool? That was easy.

Have never claimed any different.

Well, send me three times the value of the refinery (including rigs) and I will allow this refinery to live. Otherwise, it will be confiscated and recycled. Your choice.

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Lol, it’s not mine. So I’ll send nothing and feel free to go confiscate it anytime you like.

That’s hilarious.

Very well, the forum has consulted on this matter, and even the fools have had their say, and the EVE community has reached a unanimous verdict that the illegal refinery will be removed.

Praise James for guiding this decision!

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Where is it exactly? The OP is in an NPC Corp (I already looked, just in case we wanted to get in on the fight).

Bit of a dead end really.

Sorry, opsec, we don’t divulge such details to fools.

OK. So you wouldn’t be told either then. Makes sense. Praise James and his wisdom. Pity Aiko though.

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That was weak. You lose five (5) Aiko points.

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How many do I start with and is there a loyalty store? I might invest if so.

You can buy replacement Aiko points for 1 billion isk per point.

You currently have -10 Aiko points.

Aiko points don’t seem all that sound an investment to me. A fool and his ISK may be easily parted, but I’m not that kind of fool.

Stock purchase seems a much more sound proposal, so I hope James can use the stocks wisely for law enforcement activities:

With that, I think we’ve hijacked this thread enough.

Good luck OP with whatever happens.

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Oh man, I’m so good at this.

Not really. On different characters I regularly invest in New Order stock. Has never let me down yet.

Keep the isk flowing friend, James thanks you for your service.

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Gotcha, will read them.

You came to a contested area to steal someone else ressources, they defend their possessions and you call them jerks? Interesting…


You would call them jerks to if you spent over 900 million isk for a refinery…and not to mention the cost of the service modules and fuel cost. Oh, and the starbase that I purchased as well to defend it and the missile batteries as well. Very expensive. Very upsetting when someone attacks you first before trying diplomacy. Get a clue!

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Those jerks in nullsec are always trying to blow me up! What is wrong with people?


I don’t have to steal anything from anybody, I would have easily paid the fees associated with a piece of territory that really belongs to nobody.

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