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I am in a group that seems to be fairly inexperienced to PVP, we have a situation (in null sec) where another group killed our Athanor and put their own there, they are mining the moon pull.

Considering a group of mainly inexerpienced, various SP players would would be a good counter play to this?

Currently they have mainly Procurers, we think a cloaky Rapier on grid somewhere and a sabre a couple Caracals and a Prophecy (and of course the Athanor defences itself).

I am not sure how many we can pull in on a fleet but assume 15 people?

would a couple of bomber wings be good for this, or maybe some attack BCs to come in and snipe from a distance, warp out and come back at various bookmarks to rinse repeat. What kind of things should we consider?

Hire some mercs, if not stealth bombers and bomb the crappola out of their operations.

Didnt really want to go the Merc route, tried bombers, didnt pan out so well

Not gonna lie to you my man, you guys should not start a corp in NS without any real experience in EVE.

Best advice now is to be incorporated in a nice alliance, which I seriously doubt.

Better take a step back, join a corp, learn stuff, form a new corp, recruit people and then deploy. Prob not going to deploy NS in the beginning.

Fly safe o7


There is zero information on size of enemy. But with maximum of 15 people that can form up. You bite way to much to chew.

When moon mining they are in range of structure. It will be hard to even harass them and probably will take more effort from you than cause inconvenience on them. You won’t do much without third party.

Anyway, after you gonna solve this issue, new group will emerge because your corporation has no defensive capabilities and it seams that you also have no friends.

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Make friends

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While I agree wholeheartedly, that’s not so easy sometimes.

Yep, not easy.

So the only advise is get friends to deal with lol. not what ship s to deal with that kind of setup

You need to take structure down, not mining fleet. If you gonna try to harass mining fleet (we still don’t have information on enemy size) with support of structure im such small numbers, you gonna work your ass off, lose isk war, while they gonna do whatever they where doing. Maybe gonna lose some barges.

I’m not a null expert but I really don’t see how 15 man fleet will take down structure in null with active defense fleet

The hostiles have a varying fleet size, as does ours, yesterday we have about 35 in fleet (people did call in friends), I think they had about the same initially but then their friends came along which essentially doubled the size of their fleet.

My idea of taking out the miners was about harassing tactics, we have gottne the structure to last timer on a few occasions but then they show up in Cerbs, (drakes last night too) and logi and we jsut didnt have what is needed to take it down.

I suspect to take the structure down we need more number yes, but I would also like to harras them when they are mining with a small protection fleet (for them) and that is generally what i am looking for advise on here.

That is what I would do.

Just make it hard for them to operate in the area. Hit hard and run, rinse repeat.

For that you want to use specific ships that can apply a lot of DPS quickly.

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You can also try flying cheap ships to kill off their mining drones if they use expensive ones, that way you can “win” the ISK war and surely hurt their bottom line while also disrupting their mining efforts. Just an idea.

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Thanks @Uriel_the_Flame I like that idea ill see if the use expensive drones.

@God_Emperor_Kane I was thinking Attack BCs like Naga, Tornadoes etc, although not sure the prices of these since the indy update, maybe even Carcacls or jackdaws if we could get enough of them

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