Seeking GARPA original release verion (gts191-public.exe)

Hello space friends,

I like to sometimes make starchart type maps for lowsec pirates to us for roaming… I’ve been using GARPA to do this, yelding charts like this one:

At some point I updated to a more recent version of GARPA someone gave to me (great tool, goons) and while it is wonderful they changed the way that some of the display parameters work and I can’t make my wonderful maps anymore.

I am looking for the original release version of GARPA that goons provided publically (gts191-public.exe) sadly the original download links are no longer there. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

Obviously I am not a goon, so going through ‘official channels’ is not possible.

I’d also love a copy of the latest version, wish goons would just release this software publically already, it’s a great piece of software for the community!

I found it, through another source!

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