All LS in one map, with connections

If you like maps and live in lowsec, this is the one for you. I spent many hours making this back in the day.


Will accept in game donations!!! Pay it forward!!!

EDIT: It is not LY accurate. I was going to add a jump range feature to it, but my Visio skills aren’t that top notch. Maybe a new owner can make it better.


What is this file format and what program do i need to open it?

Would it be possible to have it as one big image? (Think: screenshots) ?

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I made it in Visio. You can download a Visio viewer to view it, but you wont be able to edit it.

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I was able to import this into LibreOffice Draw (free software) and export a PNG. Tried to upload it but the new forums aren’t cooperating with me.

copy the image’s content,, new post, ctrl+v

Oh cool. I thought you had to have an account with imgur to do that, but apparently not.

Edit: The image didn’t survive imgur’s compression very well. It’s barely readable. The source PNG I have looks a lot more clear.

I’m thinking that you haven’t seen the map yet, it is quite large. You would have to zoom out pretty far to see the whole thing, and then you wont be able to read the text.

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Yeah no i didn’t. why is the resolution so low?

okay i’ll try doing this myself when i get to a computer. thanks for the effort!

It’s not about resolution. That is at 10% zoom in Visio to see those whole map in one picture. You need to open it in a Visio viewer or something similar to zoom in on the regions.

I would love to get this printed out as a big wall poster. Nice work, @Dal_Shooth!

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Thanks buddy. I hope it serves you well.

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thats my thought as well.

eehhhh alternatively, to speed up the process post it on reddit. someone will do it.

great work, now go be famous!

This is a picture of it at normal zoom.

well, it needs a lot of shots and then i’ll tile them together into a single image. i wonder what the linux equivalent to is. hm…

PS: GIMP et all are too bloated
Just use this…
Or upload to OneDrive, it comes with a default Visio viewer.

that won’t help me tiling the shots together. the problem isn’t reading them, but convinience. one big image has advantages. :slight_smile:

Well the original scope of the project was to provide LS FC’s a one stop shop map they could use while running a roam or major fleet engagement. If they were deployed in say Placid, they wouldn’t ever need to look at regions to the South.

Either way I’m picking up what you’re putting down, I hope you can find a solution.

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Ooohhhh interesting! You’re connected! Allow me a side question, tangentially related!

Would there be interest in an EULA compliant software allowing Remote real time surveillance of grids?
(read: plant a character, be able to receive real time updates remotely.)
Asking for a friend.

Your in game D-Scan. :zipper_mouth_face: