All LS in one map, with connections

editted it.

I’m asking if there would be demand for such a thing.

Well as long as the “bot” does not interact with your mouse or keyboard I believe it would be completely valid to use.
But don’t take my word for it read the EULA. It always changes.

Usefulness… It would be completely circumstantial to be honest. LS fights can escalate and change so quickly at times. FC’s are already trying to manage ranges, ship types, calling primaries, ect. I couldn’t imagine seeing an FC watching a grid monitoring program unless it transfers knowledge through sound.

Example: A certain beep means capital ships have entered grid.

Beep. Beep! That’s insulting, mate. :slight_smile:

I’ll get back to you about this.

There was already a post available for this, think it came fromEON Magazine.

Moved to Warfare and Tactics.

Very nice map OP. Thanks for sharing. @yellow_parasol I would also like a poster. Be sure to share your image when you’re done.

i still need to do this, but i haven’t forgotten. i gotta make some room for time for this.

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Sorry for being so late!

It’s quite big in pixels, but only around two meg in size. :slight_smile:


if you dump me some data as text files, i’ll make you a 3d map where you can zoom around. I’m not going to do this myself, so this is to make sure anyone cares. it’s just an exercise for me.

What i want is a text file containing all systems and their respective links to other systems. How you organise the respective text files is of no matter for me, as long as we go through it once before I approve of them and take them. Not .doc, not .pdf. Plain old .txt, ASCII and newlines.

I’ll happily reinvent the in game map (better and prettier … try me :slight_smile: ) just to rub it under CCP’s collective noses, and as long as i get the data in a properly readable format. Nope, databases won’t do. :slight_smile:

Even better: the more information about each system there is, the more i can integrate. Sorry for not dealing with the other thing, but time’s valuable and that which is easier to make is that which gets priority.

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nice tool