Local Guristas Backup Server

So I thought I would try some exploring, cause you know, theres like a hundred different things to do in this game! Anywhoo, I got a little Heron, put some probes, scanners, and a few other doodads for exploring on, and went out for a little fun. Found me some wormholes and combat sites (care bear here, so Im in hisec) and then I found a “Local Guristas Backup Server”

OOOH! Something different! So I scanned away, however, I couldn’t get the little scanner to go past 88%. I rescanned, moved the little probes closer together, a different formation, called the probes back and relaunched them, I even tried a bit of profanity cause you know, that always works, but the darn thing wouldn’t go past 88%. So after fidgeting for about 10 min, the thing just disappeared, gone, just vanished. I guess he had had enough of me, or someone else got to him first.

I can only guess that I need to up some skills for exploring, or I was technically doing something wrong, but it seemed pretty cookie cutter to me.

Any ideas, cause now Im REALLY intrigued as to what was in there! I gotta know!!!

Its a Data site. Up those skills, or add modules to help.

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It’s a pretty typical data site in high sec space where Guristas pirates roam around. It won’t give you the a whole lot of reward to run it once you eventually managed to scan it but it’s nice in any case.


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Thanks for the links and Ill get skilled up!

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