SEFRIM : Origins?

I wanted to make an IC work for many years about this but as I’m not great at all for this, and after discussing about it with Uriel, I will just try to put here my simple theory about who are the SEFRIM.

We know the religious part of the Sefrim from the Amarr Scriptures, they are “Angels” serving God.

My interest in them is : yes sure, angels but from where ? from which civilization ?

So I have read few things about them and eventualy found maybe something, thanks to Ametat and Avetat.

I found into the text that Sefrim was the plural of Sef and found this interesting. As many of us do I guess with Lore stuff, when we find words we try to find links with what we know and try to translate them. That’s what I decided to do.

CCP is from Iceland. So, let’s try Icelandic translation.
Sef = Sleep
Sefrin = Sleeps
(google translate).

So considering the singular form, we have a match with something interesting with the Lore. For the plural m instead of n I will just consider this as an evolution of time :smiley: and just probably the possibility that the plural was sounding more like Seraphim as they are Angels.

So the Sef is Sleep… and the Sefrim might be Sleeps…ers ? Sleepers = Sefrim ? :slight_smile:

I think that’s it. Sefrim are/were Sleepers, guardians of the high seats of Heaven (Epitoth-6).

I know it sounds simple, maybe too much, but I don’t think that the name has been given just randomly.
I now consider that Sefrim were the Sleepers, sent there during 1st Jove Empire for different purposes : to study the amarrs probably, maybe to influence them and also maybe as text say to protect them. That means that Jove Observatories might have been there since that time (or not :stuck_out_tongue: ) but at least that Jove were already observing and intervening into New Eden.

I hope this theory, Sefrim = Sleepers, will have interested you and my apologies to you all if that’s not as well put together as you are used to by others that are making so great work here.


I suggest looking at Uriels work on Triglavians. This gets touched on in there.

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Or they could just originate entirely from Amarrian mythology and religion and not be some ancient alien. :smiley:

Also the word comes from seraph.

thanks for participating and showing me I wasn’t clear enough. Of course they are angels in Amarr religion, it’s a fact and not a theory. Unless… you mean that they are only a theory ?!? :sweat_smile:

But this is not a subject about religion and not a RP subject. As many did before me by explaining they were from Jove origins (old forums) I’m just trying to give a new point of view. I’ll try to give better explanations.

Angels : a - yes, they are in their religion. b - no, they’re something else. c - anything else than a and b :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless a linguist could tell us what are the ethymologies of Sef (in Icelandic and Seraph in Hebrew) and how you pronounce them, I would be enclined to say that they are not linked.
They might have same sonority though, especialy with the plural Sefrim/Seraphim and the probablity is high that it has been chosen on purpose.
Sefrim are angels in the game and have the same functions as the Seraphim, therefore our common psyche and background make an obvious shortcut toward the Sefrim being Seraphim. I did this myself as most of us did probably.

If I’m saying that the singular of Sefrim is Sef it is because at the end of the chronicle Ametat and Avetat you find a summary of works done on it and about the Sefrim (in Lore perspective) you find this :

But there are in existence fragments of texts from various sources that speak of the gifts the sefrim (singular form: sef), the Ametat and the Avetat, or the Scepter and the Crown.

I know i’m probably repeating myself but I find it interesting that they have chosen to give a name that is in fact very close to the name of a Lore faction, the Sleepers and not chosen to just simply call them by a new forged name or by the usual common denomination Seraphim.
I think, as most of Lore is based on, that ambiguity is made on purpose.

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Isn’t sefrim a Turkish word ? :thinking:

Seferim is turkish, meaning my time. Going on, Sef means head in romanian. I guess it has also a meaning maybe in few others, I admit I have chosen icelandic on purpose and I kept it because it’s intriguing :wink: at least to me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fact is that the Amarrs not only have Christianity, but also have “Middle East” features.
In addition, the Amarr have many names from Middle East.

yes sure it has… and some other cultures too… their ships names are very “religous-linked” if i may say it that way but it could be relevant for any religion/culture and it is the same for every faction. So yes it could be totaly linked to the culture I absolutely don’t deny that, any proposal ?

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