Selecting from watchlist

Should I be able to click A/left mouse button on someone in the watchlist and align to them use other commands in a similar fashion?

Hotkeys all work, you just have to make sure your watchlist isn’t already focused (it’s kind of dumb that way).

For example, click into space (to clear focus on watchlist) hold A and click on someone, you’ll approach if they’re on-grid.

Thx much. Hadn’t thought of clearing the focus so have been struggling with this for some time. Must be a lot of people abandon the game early on because of the many small inconsistencies like this.

I wouldn’t say new people abandon the game over it, because early on most people are still clicking on everything. There’s a lot of hotkeys to remember, and holding S instead of A can have explodey consequences.

But I agree, it’s an inconsistency that is annoying.

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