Sell everything for PvP?

Hello everyone,

I want to get a take on a few different peoples opinions about this. I’ve thought about it for a while and well… here it is:
I’ve played this game for a very long time, created a substantial amount of wealth within Rorqs, Supers, BPOs, etc. The problem I’m facing now is im burning out on playing EvE faster than before doing the same things I used to love doing. I used to love to rorq mine, sold all of my rorqs once, rebought them a few months later. Now I bring out my rorq miners, mine, make isk like a mad man, then burn out for a week or longer. (Due note mining was my first career in EvE loved the manufacturing aspect of it) but now… now I dread even facing to take out my rorqs.

I also PvE with Supers and ishtars, I like it, it’s fun, interactive and keeps me going when I’m bored of different aspects of the game and makes pretty good liquid isk.

But, now comes the tricky part… I love PvP I usually do it solo or with a small gang, its adrenaline pumping, everything going like crazy, and yet so exhilarating when you see a ship blow up :slight_smile: I love the aspect of it and never seems to burn me out.

So… with your honest opinion, given what was said here, would you sell all the rorqs, all the BPOs, extract all Rorq skills to never go back (I’ve told myself if I sell these Rorqs I’m ripping out those skills for good) to have enough liquid isk to PvP for an incredibly long time, (keep the Super for liquid isk making from time to time) or keep the rorqs, the BPOs, and PvP/make isk from time to time to upkeep the PvP? Or is there another option I’m not seeing?

Anything will help ladies and gentlemen, just looking for neutral opinions of people I’ve have yet had the pleasure to meet yet,


It sounds a bit like you’re doing everything for yourself. In the past did I care mainly for myself and it started to burn me out, because doing things only for myself just never was quite enough. I found that I do best when I set my goals around others. Providing a service, and helping others to get faster to wherever they want to be next, has been more rewarding than doing something only for myself. In a sense am I still doing it for myself, but the reward isn’t only ISKs, but it’s the gratitude of others and knowing they rely on me. If you keep this in mind then perhaps it’ll work out better for you, too, and regardless of what it is you’re doing.


But I have the willpower to sit on them without using them for a year or two when they’ll (hopefully) be worth three to five times what they are now.

I once built a whack of freighters at 350M per unit and sold them years later for 900M+.

As for the skills. Extract if you have a solid plan for the SP. Otherwise just leave them.

Mr Epeen :sunglasses:

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I ditched mining. Best thing I ever did. Just became combat focused. I have one character that is still doing trading and some minor hauling for my own use, + some research and construction, kept enough SP to play with new content if/when I find it interesting. Rest of it all went into extractors and I refocused all on combat, though I’m mostly PvE these days I still kept my PvP account intact and use it once in a while.

But I can tell you, getting rid of mining, PI and all that is a god damn monkey off your back. I got enough plex left over to omega all my accounts for 4-5 years if I want to, but not even sure I’ll be here that long.

You might want to leave yourself 1 alt fully skilled, or transfer the skills into enough hauling so you can carry your own stuff anywhere you want whenever you want. Pass that, dump it all and just make the switch, you’ll be happier for it.

I would think, why do you want to get rid of options and history? If you do not actually need the ISK, I would keep everything (as I do).

PvP in your rorq.


Keep it all. I have over the years accumulated all kinds of chars and in the end I cycle through them.

I found that getting bored with one is not permanent.

You say you have a lot of wealth. I’ll advise under the assumption you have illiquid assets (BPOs, etc) worth a quarter trillion, plus 25b in more easily moved stuff (e.g. minerals, ships, modules, etc). Scale numbers up or down and change ships if this is not correct (e.g. if you are worth 5 trillion, you can expect to be fine with solo carrier PVP)

Look for passive ways to make ISK - copying your valuable BPOs, etc - and try to get a revenue stream of 3-4b per month.

Then be somewhat frugal in ship choice (T2 cruisers/T1 BS are fine to lose, but don’t frivolously fly carriers or marauders) and you have basically all the ISK you need to PVP as much as you want.

Sell your illiquid assets as/when they become meta (e.g. if you had been holding 60 Phoenix hulls you had produced and a 10/14 Phoenix BPO, you’d have sold them in the last 3-6 months). Replace them when they go off-meta (I recently bought an ME 10 Archon BPO, for example).

This will give you a larger income again.

All really good opinions I like them all, gives me a lot more to think about. Please keep them coming if anyone has more opinions! :smiley:

I have had a lot of isk and stuff over the years, most dropped from Pos in the golden years ,but all was turned into PVP or donated to Eve Radio or randoms in local. thrashers are cheap PVP . I would suggest against removing your skills, but I finally gave into the temptation ( still think its cheating buts its the way things are going) and melted down my main so do what I say not what I did :). as Sabriz said generate isk from assets etc if you can, I personally have never managed that I just prefer to explode stuff but still somehow manage to stay subbed.

Basically if its fun do it and you will find a way to keep doing it. also sounds like either way you will have isk to burn so burn it. Eve wont last for ever your isk will probably outlast Eve so set safety to red and undock

hmm I bet when you built the freighters 30 day plex cost 350 mill and when you sold then they cost 900 mill, just saying

No I wouldn’t sell them I’d use them to fund my pvp maybe get injectors for pvp ships you want to use but cant

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This ^^^

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