Sell - Ninazu BPO 9/16 (3640m), Capital Launcher Hardpoint BPO 10/18 (1820m)

These are on public contracts in Jita 4-4, but are presently denominated in PLEX (1300/650) to cheat contract taxes.

If you want to purchase them for ISK, post here and I will cancel the public contracts and re-issue them to you as a private contract for ISK (unless they are already gone).

Bumping with a kitten image.

Make the kitten happy. Buy the contracts.

Bumping. But no kitten this time. You people haven’t bought my stuff so you don’t deserve more kittens.

To the top.

Rule 1 of the forum - Only sales of In-Game items for In-Game ISK are permitted in this forum.

If denominating in PLEX while accepting ISK doesn’t meet that definition, then I’ll happily put numbers on the prices.

Ninazu - 3640m
Capital Launcher Hardpoint - 1820m

I will need to cancel the actual public contracts first.

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