SOLD Wts again Porpoise pilot 4.3b 5.6m

I recive a question in forum and one mail about selling me. I am in a new owner but need isk. Selling me is the best.

  • No killing right
  • positive wallet
  • in high sec
  • no jump clones
  • i pay the transfer.

I am online with other pilot in the same account, answer the thread telling the isk is sent and i transfer.

Total Skillpoints: 5,667,211
Unallocated Skillpoints: 23,670
Total Skillpoints: 5,690,881

ISK & account name sent

checking one moment.

Transfer DOne. Please update when you recieve the character.

i receive the isk but Yesterday was the weekend and I went out to a club with friends, and because I was drunk, fuzzy and groggy, I sent the chintor sale to another member of the fleet instead of me.

Thank you for your understanding, do not pilot special ships while having too many drinks. And HIDE the credit card!

Already was returned the isk to my char. Mistake fixed Time to sleep

Hey bro, I got this character.
But there is still 4.3B in his pocket.
How to give the ISK to you?

pilot is @sue_rtuda member of brave empire. The servers are down when i can enter i sign here with her

Yes to me =)

OK, I have sent 4.3B to you, plz check that

These supposed to be my money, check transaction history.

emmmmmmmm, I don’t know what has happened to you guys.
I have sent the 4.3B to @Sue_Rtuda .
Maybe you would contact her.
Fly safe!

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I was drunk =P

  • War5a4e sent me the isk
  • i as chintor sent to ritek, people in my fleet instead to suertuda
  • Ritek return to me as suertuda
  • i transfer character to war5a4e
  • Freaky Firefly sent me the 4.3, but chintor was not mine now
  • war5a4e sent 4.3 to suertuda
  • i surertuda return the 4.3 to freaky firefly one moment ago.

All ok guys ? i have 4.3, freaky too and war5a4e has the pilot.

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hahahah, I am good.
This is the first I have bought a character.

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4.5B Have you already sold it?

already sold. we are waiting confirmation of the third people if him/her receive the isk

I liked your comment yesterday :smiley:
yes I got money, thanks.

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