Sell nyx character 50m for 55b

sell nyx character 50m for 55b

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55B BO.I will sent isk and account soon.


cho1lee other people had made it sorry~~~

Oh,I think you should sell it to me,because I bid first on the forum.

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I can’t understand what you want to describe.

I bid and Sonaya accept.Is there anything wrong with that?

55B money no. 20 will be transferred to you.

55b Contact you in the game

There is so much wrong here. First, @Sonaya needs to read the rules and post important information.

2nd, she is not obligated to sell to the first person.

She is sure not obligated to sell to the first person.But you look up.She has agreed to sell to me.No
one said antything else.

ok!!!!!my english is not very good so sorry lets began in game send message to me

If you didn’t transferred to him,I hope you sell to me.

ok send message and isk to me now!!

cb01 lee send message to me

OK,I will.

Isk and accont are transerred.

transerred to you

OK,I have received the email.

Charactor has been received.