all drons 1 trillions

Your prices are all insane and you clearly dont understand there is an actual market for these things. You say they dont have a price but they do (at least a ballpark price.) People in this thread are trying to give you legitimate advice and you’re calling them scammers for no reason. Its obvious you dont have any idea what you’re doing, otherwise why would you be building some of your least profitable prints in Jita 4-4 of all places. Oh i get it, right click, buy all. Easy. Ironically you actually threw a dart at a dart board and managed to hit a bullseye with the drones, you’re actually close on the value there (they are still overpriced but they are close) as for accuracy on your ships, mods, and ammo? Well you couldnt hit water if you fell out of a boat. Either come up with reasonable prices and accept legitimate offers or stop wasting everyone’s time

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write to the mail in the game once you are a “connoisseur” of prices for each drawing . I’ve already heard that the hucksters are sitting here. nothing prevents me from putting them on the hypernet for a higher price and I will get more money from it

and there is no need to write here with a new character, I do not approve of this

and I know how toxic the community is in this game, and no one fights against them. think there will be no retribution for their crafts

what “Why”?

I do not know. not my problem

in one day. I’ll post the same ad on reddit let’s see what they say

and in general, what you offer. these prices are for a quick deal. but what I offer and wait for my buyer. it’s not for a quick deal

thus I weed out the traders and wait for the one who will use them for personal purposes and not for resale

I think your prices are fair, good luck! :slight_smile:

your ships at auction. look put :speak_no_evil:the game has begun :speak_no_evil:

well, a new post only without price tags on this link, I look at your suggestions and draw conclusions. maybe someone will sell something. so offer your prices. I will consider every proposal

Tsutachoda Udan, your collection is beautiful and far to valuable for most people to purchase. I do not have the isk you are looking for but I could give you 1.0 isk for the entire collection and in return I’ll record myself trashing all of the BPOs and then posting it for everyone to see. Or you could trash them and just mail me the link, either way would be equaling entertaining. I believe that permanently removing something this rare from the game that can never be replaced would be worth more than any amount of isk. <3


They are stolen prints from an abandoned structure. He has no idea what they are worth just assumes people are trying to screw him over. Been doing this for nearly 12 years. Guys like this eventually come to their senses. Especially if he building in Jita 4-4

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Well, what are you doing here then? buy and resell right?

since you have been doing this for 12 years.

Most of us buy, build, and occasionally sell. Including Dai. Most people who only flip things stick to supers. T2 BPOs are generally too niche

Negative. I tend to sell mods and ammo. Ships i’ve been keeping due to mineral changes.

As I told you before I’m not trying to screw you over. If you want I can post my values on the prints. MOST of the people in there i have either bought or sold prints with. Not here to screw you over.
I was going to just ignore you but it seems you finally want to learn about your prints. Let me know and I can eve mail you prices or paste them here. From there you can decide if you want to add more on top of it.

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OK . send me your price list to such a fool for all

close the topic