SELLING 41,068,588sp Character orca fleet booster.combat pilot golem,tengu lots more


make a good offer

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29 Bil

sold send info and isk

not sold still on market

for the time Eveboard dosnt work u got a list which ships he can fly or something else, that i can see which skills he lvled?

27b offer

28 billion.

Will offer the originally accepred 29b as a B/O

can u pls post any way of skills that we can se what ships he can fly?

32B right now, isk ready

sold send isk and info

ISk send from my Bank Toon, account Information send too

ok send isk and info and will get character to u

isk still send

ok on eve still no isk or info on for 30mins then have to work

i Will check that out with CCP cause i send the Money, let u know if i got any news about that

did not get it recheck who u sent it to there are others that has a name close to this one

yea send it to a different name, but CCP is informed and work on it :confused: