Selling 6.2M SP char, 2.16 M SP are Unallocated

Old alt char, nothing special, mostely just basic skills.
About 6.2M SP in total, 2.16M of those are unallocated.
Selling for highest bid over 3B (That’s about the isk I get from the cost of a char transfer so wont bother selling for cheaper.)
Positive wallet and located in Jita 4.4, no killrights and no jumpclones.
Will give it a few days or until I’m happy :smiley:

Edit: Forgot Skillboard.

3 bil…

5 billion isk buyout

Buyout accepted, send me the isk and account info and I’ll get the transfer started.

Account information and 5 billion isk sent for transfer of Twixx to my account

Account info and isk recieved, char transfer started.
Thanks for the trade!

Character arrived. Thanks for trade!