Selling 8.8m SP VNI Starter or SP farm

(Drones Tamer) #1

Selling myself, no kill rights located high sec.

All skills for VNI are injected, needs training for Heavy Drones and Racial Drone skills.
+5 implants for intel and memory
Neural remap available
PW: 1234

Auction start: 4.5 bil
Auction runs to 2/11/2018 or B/O

B/O: 6 bil

(riverini) #2

I am interested, I got 5b cash in hand.

you pay the transfer fee? correct?

(Drones Tamer) #3

Yes, I pay transfer fee. 5 bil b/o accepted. Please send isk and account name to me in game and I will get the transfer started.

(Drones Tamer) #4

No response from riverini, back on the market. I will be away until February 9th. Auction will finish on Feb 11th.

(Skir Melkan) #5

I’ll do 5b

(Drones Tamer) #6

I’m available until 5 pm today (23:00 Eve time) if you send isk and account info I’ll start the transfer today.

(Skir Melkan) #7

info and isk sent

(Drones Tamer) #8

Thank you isk received. Transfer started:

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on your account until the process is complete, but will not be playable during this time.

Character Name: Drones Tamer

Will be completed after: 2/3/2018 6:18:29 AM

(system) #9

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