Selling canceled

Ann-Luise Clark (50m)

UPDATE: WILL NOT BE SOLD since prices are not sufficient for me.

Amelia Stayne (~5,6m) - SOLD
Catherine Shaw (~5,7m) - SOLD

Finaly, nope

4.1b for each of
Amelia, Catherine.

42.5 bil for Ann-Luise

44 bil for ann

4,2B for Amelia

ann-luise hs left the corp, 44b is a good offer, but i would like it to go into the 46-50 window, if anyone wants to pay 50 immediately, it’s theirs.

amelia/catherine have prepared to quit the corp approx 15 min ago, approx 18:15 eve time. no transfer before tomorrow that time.

quick question: don’t i need to make the accounts omega first or is that an outdated information? if yes, why would i sell anything under 4,5b? I mean plex to activate (500) and transfer (1000) would be up to currently arouns 4,25b, i would even pay for giving a character away instead of getting money? that would be very stupid. i know 5m sp is not much, but if biomass is a cheaper option of getting rid of it… no way lol

I would be very surprised if they would deny your request because of an alpha account

So I only need 1000 PLEX in Plex Vault for the sale, right? Then 4,2 would make a lot more sense again.

I googled/searched/informed myself for over an hour in the last few days, and it is NOT CLEAR for me, what exactly the requirements are.

I really would like to have reliable information. xD
(All 3 Accounts are currently Alpha status)

You can easly transfer from Alpha.

I done it three times lasy weekend by petition.

I made new ACC for Amelia but you edited your confirmation post …

Are you seling her od not ?

yes, i will sell her then in that case. i confirm it then once again to you.

You only need to be omega to extract SP iirc

Great, give me few minutes.

All data and isks are in Amelia account.

@Ataru_Tan payment received, Ticket is out. Remember the quit-corp time tomorrow.

@Nandea or anyone else interested in Catherine: 4.242.424.242,42 ISK and it’s yours.

@Ann-Luise_Clark Ok. Deal.
Isk account info sent.

@Nandea Payment received, ticket has been sent. Remember the quit corp time tomorrow, too.

Now only Ann-Luise Clark remaining, currently sitting at 44 B.

Im patient, i can wait. thnx

@Intriguing_Stranger Since appearently noone is bidding more, I’ll accept your 44b offer for Ann-Luise Clark if noone in the next 10 minutes after this post is making a higher bid in this thread.

I left corp with the 2 “small” accounts. It’s up to the support now, have fun with your new characters.

@Intriguing_Stranger you still alive, buddy? i have no money/pm from you yet.
if you dont act within 1 day, i will give it to @Gattanera