[SOLD] Starter characters

Hello guys. Well, with CCP selling out to Pearl Abyss, I have decided to cancel most of my accounts. This means I have a bunch of characters to sell as I consolidate down to one or two. First to go will be my relatively fresh alts-in-training. See the skillboard links for exact details; if I make a mistake on any of them PLEASE let me know, as it is not intentional.

All characters except the one I’m posting on have positive sec status and limited to no PVP history. This character is slightly negative -0.67 due to a small amount of previous faction warfare frigate PVP, so no politics. He also has a Genolution 1-4 set in his head. All are located in high sec with positive wallets and no kill rights.

I will be transferring with PLEX, so once a bid is won and isk received I will petition CCP to transfer the character via PLEX; usually these happen quickly but please note it could have a slight delay at the mercy of CCP GMs.

Most of these characters have trained good core skills and can go pretty much anywhere. Most also have their racial T2 small guns and some have T2 medium guns; see posted links for exact details. A good chunk of the skills are also usable while alpha.

I will post with each character to confirm sale.

I reserve all rights to cancel and am not firesaling, as I have plenty of sub time available, so please do not lowball.


SOLD Billy Bob Touch-A-Lot - ~5M SP (247k unallocated) - 2 Bonus Remaps

SOLD Chocolate Serenity - ~5.1M SP (504k unallocated) - 2 Bonus Remaps

SOLD Ventus Mutationis - ~5.25M SP (250k unallocated) - 2 Bonus Remaps

SOLD Creamy Chocolate - ~10M SP (204k unallocated) - 2 Bonus + 1 Yearly Remap

SOLD Antwan Enchalupen - ~9.88M SP (325k unallocated) - 2 Bonus Remaps + 1 Yearly map - Geno 1-4 set

Please let me know if you have any questions. Buyouts are tentative but generally around 900m-1B per 1M SP for an instant buyout. Potentially better deals for buying multiple characters.

NOTE: As these are alts, I am unlikely to check their in-game mailboxes. Please post offers here, mails sent will probably not be seen.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I am for sale.

I believe u cant do transfers with plex anymore

Since when, do you have a source? This still worked as of a month or so ago, you just have to petition CCP. Did they break something again?

transfer for plex is possible … you just need to place 1000 plex on the chars plexvault and make a ticket to the support team … done

interessting chars but i look for one with PI skills


Jaheira DeVir - ~10.08M SP (348k unallocated) - 2 Bonus Remaps + 1 Yearly remap - Older, born 2012

will offer 5.2 bill buyout, since extracting to a minimum of 5million sp will fetch u around 3.8 billion isk… i think my offer is good… let me know if u accept thanks

Hey would offer 4bn per char need 2.

Total 8bn

Dont care what chars it is.

@ loonitunen

I can do Billy Bob and Chocolate Serenity for 8B; send isk and account name and I’ll get them started if so.

@ Pedantic

Sorry, that is too low for a 10M SP character; the extractable SP is close to 4B isk and with the price of a transfer, the 5m SP char leftover is at minimum 4B, so anything under 8B isn’t really feasible.

thanks Ant,

goodluck with sale… let me know if u change ya mind

sounds super. ill have isk sent and mail with account info to Antwan_Enchalupen

Isk received. Petitions have been filed with CCP to have characters transferred to your account.

Both chars recived

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Bump, 4 characters still for sale.

I can do 4Bill B/O for her.

Creamy Chocolate Offer is 6.5 B

@Errorbus Thanks, bid noted, but will not buyout for that low.