Selling Exhumer V T2 null sec alt 9.7M SP

Positive wallet upon transfer
Pilot located in secure empire space, kasrasi
Pin Hegirin will receive the ISK
I will pay xfer fee.
All other CCP rules apply

link to skills
basic implants, highwall mining 1003
1 annual remap available now

Price 9.2b

I can’t do what you want but will make a firm offer of 8 billion. Have ISK in hand and purchase asap.

thanks for the offer but no thank you

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one more bump :crazy_face:

8.5 Bil buyout? Contact me via evemail so it will go to my phone and i can transfer isk in the am

8.5 accepted. mail being sent. I will be afk from 9am EST - 4-5pm EST. I’ll complete xfer when i log in on either side of that time and received the info/isk.

mail sent

toon is back up for sale for the moment

Isk and info sent

xfer being completed now, ty and enjoy

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