WTS 9.7m SP Exhumer V/T2 crystal pilot


Remap available now. Basic implants, no charisma. 3% mining yield implant.
Great drone skills to go along. Go mine those asteroid clusters.

Character located in Kasrasi in 0.6 secure space.
positive wallet
no kill rights
This toon will receive ISK and pay xfer fee.
All other CCP rules apply.

Starting bid 7.5b
BO 13b
Ends Thursday 3/14, so you can enjoy your new toon on the weekend. I will post one hour prior to end.

7.5b bid for now :smiley:

8b offer

10b b/o offer?

ill keep that in mind on thursday if no higher bid devil. thx again for other purchase

daily bump :blush: fly safe

daily bumperoo

Auction Over

Devil127 please send Pin Hegirin 10bil ISK and account info for this toon to be transferred to. post here once complete please.

Devil123 still interested in finalizing purchase?

10b bid

accepted dnana, please send isk and acct info to Pin Hegirin. Please post when complete.

I was about to sleep for few hours, I’ll try to hang out for a few in case you get this done immeidately.

any other 10b bid takes the character today.

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