WTS 13m SP Exhumer V/T2 Crystals


Great drones skills as well.
1 remap + 2 bonus remaps available!

Pilot located in Kasrasi 0.6 secure.
positive wallet
no kill rights
this character to receive ISK and pay xfer fee.
All other CCP rules apply.

Starting 11.5bil
BO 15b

Ends Thursday 3/14. I will post 1 hour prior to end.

11.5b bid for now

daily bump :slight_smile: fly safe

up up up, with some bids too :slight_smile:

tomorrow last day, bump

12bill offer

thank you for bids, auction ends 2hrs approx 5pm EST

Auction Over

Ramsay Balton please send ZXZC CXZ 12bil ISK and account info to transfer to. please post here when complete. thank you.

I will get to that as soon as i get home

Ok post here when complete please and as long as still awake I will complete xfer tonight.

Alright isk and account info sent

logging in

character xfer initiated have fun

Thank you for your patience and good business :wink:

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