WTS 12.1m SP Null Sec Exhumer V/T2/PI toon


3% mining yield implant
2 bonus remaps now

Get your train a going and make some money.

Positive wallet, Positive sec status location of Kasrasi, no kill rights, all ccp rules apply.
I will receive ISK
I will pay xfer fee

Auction ends Thursday 3/14. I will post 1 hour prior to end.

Starting 11b
Buyout 15b

daily bump :blush:
fly safe

back to top :wink: lets get some bids out there

10b bid

thx for starting it out. less than 24hrs left. will post with 1 hour remaining. its about when i get home, im not sure tomorrow.


Thx for bidding, auction ends 2hrs at 5pm EST

So sorry, retracted

Auction Over

Minimum bid not met

11b bid

accepted Dnana. as with other auction please send isk to seller Silvery Fox in this case, al;ong with acct info.

I’ll try to wait a few minutes before I goto sleep for a few hours.

How long will it take me to get the role if I send it?

I don’t know how to operate it. Could you please teach me?

I’ve already sent ISK to him and put the account in the occurrence information. Is that all right?

just send the character you’re purchasing the isk and the account name to xfer character to. all you have to do. i xfer with credit card so it initiates quickly. there is a delay of 24hrs before the toon is in you’re account to play. you will receive email confirmation xfer in progress shortly.

character transfer initiated for silvery fox to your acct. enjoy.

you’ve also bid and won character Pin Hegirin - WTS 9.7m SP Exhumer V/T2 crystal pilot

awaiting isk and account information to be sent to that character.

I got it. Thank you.

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