Selling indy pilot daggoth amal

(Daggoth Amal) #1

located in jita

6m+ skillpoints

positive isk balance

2 bonus remaps

(Daggoth Amal) #2


(Kate Limelight) #3

dude don’t bump, so frequently you can only bump once in 24 hours, they will lock this thread if you do so .

(Natal Luposdottur) #4

I’ll start the bidding. 1.5b.

(Daggoth Amal) #5


(Al Shoua) #6

I’ll go 2B

(Daggoth Amal) #7

last bid at 2bill bump

(Daggoth Amal) #8

u there. I think you won the bid war

(Sliddhy Silf) #9

2.5b offer

(Daggoth Amal) #10

still there

(Al Shoua) #11

Have sent a mail in game. Isk is ready to transfer.

(Al Shoua) #12

Agreement made in game. Isk sent

(Natal Luposdottur) #13

I’ll go 2.8b if the rest falls through.

(system) #14

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