*****Selling older account with 12.337 Mill SP from 2011*****

Selling toon wif 12.3m SP :

==========> EveSkillboard - Oshtroumni <==========

Give me offers, I ll check if it is worth selling [1.5 bill starts and 50 B B/0]

*DOB: 2011-12-06
*Positive wallet and NPC’z
*In NPC Corp.
*Jump clones in Jita and Rens
*Loads of skill books used so you can use him for anything, I started making Amar/Min combo wif Laser + Guns and armor vs shield [not ignored as well] and weak rockets, lol but for 12+ mill SP he’s gg
*Basic +3 implants in him

  • No Kill Rights

PM me if u need info or w/e regarding this sale…

its for 2011, and the accounts are not fior selling, only the characters, no more plex transfers, Ypu need pay 20 USD for the transfer.

my bad. sorry correcting… 10 yearz is old still for a game pre historic…


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