WTS Alt accounts aged but not trained

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i wonder if there is intrest for some alt accounts you can contact me in game for the names and will be posted as private sale by the account if any sale happends.
some have a bit more then 1 mill sp some have 1 mill sp some have less no implants no assets so its just the name and its age you buy.
the price should be not costing me or rather us so much money so the transfer costs can be done with
plex however thats not allowed so next to the bid 1.5 bill for the costs.
toon 1 start of name is C Born 23-04-2009 skill points 56.489 will be trained after the main is sold today for 7 days
toon 2 start of name is W Born 24-11-2008 skill points 760.660 not training
toon 3 start of name is H Born 8-10-2006 skill points 927.789 not training
all have
positive wallet / high sec / no kill rights / positive standings / 3 remaps

i can post more but i like to know if there is intrest for this first

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You might be able to sell the '06 one But I wouldnt expect top dollar (ISK, No RMT here).

The other 2 might not be wanted.

Also, for a price check this is in the wrong subforum.

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there for sale not looking for a price check and a 9 or 8 year old name is also intresting for some.

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If they are for sale you are missing crucial information as written in the character bazaar rules.

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all toons are acording by the rules the toons are not offerd here direct as that would reveal the name and some buyers would not like that an aged toon that have not so much sp you dont want others to know about that… people intrested can contact me in game all info of the name they like will be revealed after that the sale is posted as private sale so others dont know what toon it is :slight_smile: but i can add some additional info …

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Please send me in game message about toon 2 and 3

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email send

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Please follow the rules of the Character Bazaar when selling toons

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