⭐ WTS Starter Account / New Alt | 800,000 SP | 2016 toon

Selling great starter toon/alt account

No Kill RIghts
Wallet has 17m
Already has some basic skills trained
Good starting toon or alt!
Located in Jita (Caldair High Security)
800k SP
**Comes with ships covered in 3-5 years of dirt :slight_smile: **
Starting Price is 1.6b

Skills HERE

You realize that it would take less than 1 skill injector to make this toon, which would cost 900m? no one will pay 1.6b, let alone 4b. Just an FYI for you. You’re better off keeping the toon and training up higher. As you’d get more for buying plex with your 20$. Since you’d get more isk for it.

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Maybe some will pay for the age…idk

This seems like a legit scam.

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