Selling perfect HEL pilot. 53 mil skill points

Starting bid 35 bil ( not in a rush ) 42 bil B/O
27 days for Gallente Carrier 5
Full set High Grade Nirvana,
Security Status 5
Positive wallet
No kill rights
No jump clones installed
Toon in NPC Corp
Jita 4-4

Confirming I am for sale.

32 bil

36b offer

Offer will be accepted after 24h, thx

36.5 bil


38 bil

Highest bid will be accepted 24h from the bid time, unless its the buy out price which will be accepted immediately

42b buy out

Please send transfer details and isk on this toon so i can start the transfer. Thank you.

Isk sent, in game mail sent.

Isk received transfer initiated.
Will be completed after 8/30/2022 5:06:13 PM

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