WTS Great toon as a useful alt! For PvP or PvE! 33.5 mil sp

Are you looking for a great second useful toon? Think no more! For sale great both PvP and PvE toon! Can be used in a different styles!

33.5 mil sp

Amarr frigates V
Mining frigates V
Gallente frigates V
Gallente destroyer V
Gallente Hauler V
Gallente cruiser V
Interceptors V
Expedition frigates V

Scanning skills - Archaeology, Hacking, Astrometrics V, rest are IV!
Cyno - V

Advanced Spaceship command V

Good Shields and Armor skills!

Positive wallet
Non killrights
Positive sec status
Located in HS

B\O 23 bil

18b to start you off

still for sale!

still for sale!

19b bid

18b bild

sorry both 19 and 18b is too low, my price in the mind is 23b

does it have any implant set? virtue or crystals? mid o high grade?

Can you accept 22.5B?

Yeah great, sent account info and isks once you online I will be ready to tranfer it at 17:00 ET today

Transfer complete.

character transfer initiated

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