WTS 10,057,301 Skillpoints Skillpoints Scanner/Miner Starter char

Can fly Hulks, Force recons, and cloaky ships.
Has 10,057,301 Skillpoints
Located in HULM, in an NPC corp.
The wallet is positive balance.
No kill rights

Highest offer, any that i see fit will close the auction.


3.5B B/O?

Will need to be north of 4.5bill for buyout

let’s do 4.5 and call it a deal?

Up to 5bill and its a done deal, acc will be yours

meet me in the middle here will ya? I still have to use some money for injectors to get him where he is needed for me.

Sending the 5 B and will EVE Mail the Username

Isk sent and eve mail sent with username


19 Aug 2022 19:23

Character transfer has started.
Enjoy your new char and please reply once the transfer is complete.

Thank you. Got it on my account and its ready to go. Fly safe

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