Selling PVP/Minmintar focused (174 M SP)

(Mujun Kross) #1

Good morning,

Looking at selling this Mujun Kross.

173 M SP
847,455 unallocated SP.

Wallet - 0.0 isk

Starting bid:

140 B ISK

B/O: 165B ISK

Current bid: 155 B isk

Thanks for the consideration,

(Mujun Kross) #2

daily bump

(IChooseYou) #3

150b if you don’t want to hassle with a longer sale.

(Mujun Kross) #4

I get back from work in about 10 hours. I will let you know then.

(Gattanera) #5

152 bil

(Mujun Kross) #6

standing bid 152b.

Ill keep this open for one more day. If no one else bids it’s yours.

(Perpetualed) #7

153 bil

(Mujun Kross) #8

price updated. If highest bid by 0000 est 153b wins

(Maizie Fields) #9

154 bil

(Gattanera) #10

155 bil

(Mujun Kross) #11

Bidding closes in twenty minutes. 155b is currently the highest bid

(Perpetualed) #12


(Mujun Kross) #13

While I would love to take 156 bidding closed at 155.

At work right now hence the late reply.

If the other party is willing to concead it’s yours at 156

(Perpetualed) #14

No worries, fly safe.

(system) #15

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