WTS 18.1 mil sp PVP/Scan LOKI Pilot

I’m in Hek, the pirate trade hub. I hang out here cuss I have a -3.21 sec status. You know, it did not start out this way. I was in the Militia doing my part for the Republic. Well, I think you know the rest.
Positive wallet.
No Kill rights.
NPC Corp.
Yearly remap=1
Bonus Remaps=2
250,000 Uncatalogued SP
I have two jump clones in 0-VWPB if you want to say hi to Hord.

Lets start my bidding at 15bil.

links dead?

fixxed. Thank you.

ill start you off with 8b bid sir

I’m going to have to pass on that offer. I mean, just look at this killboard. 21bil in kills and only invested 144mi. This guy is 77% gang friendly and 66% snuggly. Just look at that dashing Minmatar face. I think I could do a deal for 10bil tonight but I may put this guy back in rotation.

10bil b/o

13b offered

ill take that 13bil. in game now.

isk sent and account info sent via in-game mail. Thank you!

Starting the thing now.

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Done. Thank you.

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