Selling resources to corp -> PI

When you sell resources to your corp, how much do you charge? The lowest price on the market or how do you handle it?

Let’s say you start bigger, like 4000 wetware mainframe 2000 organic mortar applications 6000 coolant for example.

My corp has a 90% of Jita buy price buyback on everything.

If I don’t want to worry about moving it to a market to sell… that’s the option.

At one time the difference between buy and sell and losing the 10% above that would have bothered me. Now… well I’m just too lazy to move it myself so I have no problem letting the corp mess with moving junk around.

If there’s stuff that I’m keeping that the corp is asking for (which happens occasionally)… then it gets negotiated. But the 90% of Jita buy is the floor.

Even in Jita prices vary, so you mean 90% of the top buying order?

They probably go by whatever Evepraisal says is the top buy, at that moment.

Yes, evepraisal buy.

Again, things are different if you’re providing something the corp specifically needs as opposed to something you just want to get rid of.

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