Send mail end point

what is the POST /characters/{character_id}/mail/ end point used for?

Based on the documentation it’s used for sending mail.
POST /characters/{character_id}/mail/ “Send a new mail”

is it used for spam mailing?

It’s used for sending in game mails. The use cases for that depends on the application. However you can only send 5 per minute, so can’t really use it to spam anything.


dont know where you got 5 per minute from
max recipients is 50

Max recipients is 50 yes, but you can only send 5 emails per minute with this endpoint. I.e. 250 max recipients per minute if you used all 50 recipients per POST.

EDIT: Even if you did, it’s a good way to get banned from ESI.

Also note that the CSPA charges still apply when sending evemail from ESI.
Again abusing ESI is a fast way to get your dev app revoked and possible your account(s) banned.

CCP please add an approved senders list and also an option to set a very high CSPA charge.

I want to be able to disable in game mail completely if possible too.

I really wish they give us more control over this feature.

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