September 2018 Release - General Feedback


(Agromos nulKaedi) #43

GPU issue resolved itself for me. Don’t know what did it, but I installed beta Nvidia drivers, installed beta eve launcher, now all is well.

(Krytron) #44

I thought this was just me as well. As a secondary but related issue, if I leave D-Scan/Probe scanner window open and then dock that window is closed whenever I undock and must be manually re-opened

(Sepheir Sepheron) #45

Nice stealth rocket graphics change! They’re all red now spooky.

(Astrid Asanari) #46

i think Project Discovery showing wrong % consensus… everytime its over 50% which was very rare before patch… when it shows for example 69,7% it looks more like 6,9%

(Emrys Alf) #47

HATE THIS closing of the inventory when docking!!!
Looking forward to fix.

(Richard Brainsun) #48

@CCP_Falcon When were you going to include the complete removal of the NPE and all voice acting in the patchnotes? Also new players now spawn in the same small AMARR debris field regardless of race choice?

(J Connrad) #49

That’s weird - my problems while docking at stations were fixed with yesterday’s update. I saw another complaint by Mandy Markham about inventory window closing when docking at a structure - is that what’s happening with you?

(Annalog Terrabit) #50

Have to say the closing of the various Hangers and other windows has to one of the more annoying things…

(J Connrad) #51

So I just docked at a Fortizar and my inventory window disappeared again. Based on other comments in this thread it looks like the inventory problem was fixed for stations but not for structures.

(Cameron Lytle) #53

can we talk about the upcoming fest? because i could wish for some new… drifter shipline?

(Cameron Lytle) #54

agreed, that look like it from star trek

(Drigo Segvian) #55

I actually bought new skins for it :sunglasses:

(Gleb Koskov) #56

What will be our guarantee that if we pick up a multibillion collateral courier contract for any station of any Sec, there will be no problems with accessing the upwell cargo deposite module on that station?, aside of course if any pvp related problems arise.

Edit: I see players having problems with contracts with containers in them.

(Rivr Luzade) #57

How long does CCP keep the data from the Agency if I do not immediately click Claim in the Agency window? Indefinitely or only until DT?

And can you please not place this stupidly large drone superstructure right on the warp in? It is not possible to cloaky camp these sites.

(Rivr Luzade) #58

Who was the muppet that thought clicking to claim rewards in the Agency was a good thing? Now I must have the agency open and must click repeatedly or else I miss out on point contributions because I forgot to click a reward while I was destroying stirred drones. This is such a great mechanic. Can the person who thought that up please be fired?

(Whitehound) #59

When undocking from a player structure does the game reset the 1st person view to orbital camera view.

NPC stations behave differently and remember the camera setting, meaning, when the camera was set to 1st person view before docking will a ship undock with the camera set to 1st person view.

Update: this doesn’t always happen though. I’ve now had the case of one character, where it worked properly after undocking from a player structure. On another character does it happen every time I undock (and where it jump back to the orbital camera view).

(Whitehound) #60

When in 1st person view and jumping through a gate causes the “jump tunnel”-animation to smear off into a random direction.

This behaviour is different from the orbital camera view, where the “jump tunnel”-animation remains straight in the forward direction.

An example:

(Rivr Luzade) #61

Why can’t I accept the Agency rewards via the effing Hud section for the agency? It tells me “View Reward” but instead it should be “Claim Reward”. :facepalm:

(Rivr Luzade) #62

I was just leisurely running a Desperate Maneuvers mission when I noticed the Agent Mission hud element, which tells me " You need to destroy the Pith Extinguisher" or “You need to destroy the Chlorine Cloud”. In that particular mission, there are no Extinguishers, there are only Mercs. There is also no Chlorine Cloud that you can destroy.

(Salt Foambreaker) #63

I remember this landing!!!

737 landing in snow storm, ice covered runway, heavy cross winds :fearful: