September 2018 Release - General Feedback

Maybe just me, but prior to this patch when travelling with a destination preset, after jumping the next destination point (gate) would not just be highlighted, but also preselected in overview - making it readily available to click through on.

Now, after every jump, I have to manually select the next destination point as it is no longer preselected after jump?

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Why can’t I trash items in a citadel? Every time I try that EVE tells me the item is no longer within my reach.

When customizing the Market Ticker, I continue to see “Skill Extractor” on the ticker, despite it not being in my customized ticker.

I do have most of the other “Pilot Services” included in the ticker, but absolutely don’t have skill extractors included.

The new multiple skin activation system is wonderful. Great QoL updating when mass activating Project Discovery SKINs.

Good god, why do the Osprey class of ships and variants look like garbage trucks with dustbin lids stuck on the side?

Umm… The launcher doesn’t seem to work. Just loads a white box when i log in. Can I have my old one back :slight_smile:

Support ticket filed earlier and but a dark depression is enveloping me.

Is there a workaround for this GPU issue? I can’t do f’all in a fleet of more than 10 anymore. No difference in potato mode or full graphics settings. Seems to get worse when everyone starts firing, like it ‘loads up’. Only thing that gets everything back to normal is warping off grid. Then it starts again when people start shooting.

Not even going to bother with keepstar fight tomorrow.


Hopefully along with some botting.

I have a 2 years + old rig and its still doing well running 2 accounts no prob, can most likely do a 3rd too, but don’t have a need to try it yet.

Fitting tool updates and other QOL stuff is always welcome, now we just need ability to plug in different skill levels, implants and booster effects into the fitting tool, that would be awesome. I really wanna get away from external tools and PYFA UI.

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Honestly - ccp decides to nerf courier scams and in the process buffs roqs and makes it so that anybody can dump their cargo and mods to avoid losses on being killed. Was there much dev thought put into this at all?


This is more of an Aesthetic issue but in the Ship simulation Fitting window, when you fit items that require a charge, it occasionally will not show that item, until the charge is fitted. This was an occasional thing, but since the new release seems to be a bit more prevalent. I have not noticed this occurrence in the main Fitting window.
I have noticed this occur in all of the fitting slots including RIG slots (notwithstanding what i just mentioned above).
To work around it, i generally just unfit and refit the item (Seems to work most of the time).

Observations of the Error

  1. Simulation Mode Particular fitting slot appears Empty - Nothing hilights when mouse over it, No info available if Right Mouse Click (Except Unfit)
  2. On Attempt to fit a device, will get alert similar to No slots available, or unable to fit more than 1 of that device (or one of the other notices telling you the slot is full).
  3. Bonuses, CPU, Grid, CAP, and other values that would apply to the Invisible device appear to be correctly calculated, even though you can’t get any information on what device you have fitted.
  4. after Fitting charge and removing it (RIG = Exception) the device appears to display normally.
  5. Unfitting the device and refitting it, will mostly clear the issue for that device.
  6. I is a Nuisance when this happens on one device, It becomes a pain when this happens to more than one device at the same time (Has happened but not often).


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What’s a deplotment? I think someone may have hit the wrong key while setting up the release is live page

Sorry but it looks totaly crap. Changing the basic a-symetric designs of all Ships in in Eve just to make it look like any other Space Game and to add some stupid moving Parts is just… bah

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The new Osprey looks terrible. Stop making caldari look symmetrical. It was only good for the scorpion and that’s it.


The Scorpion is not a bird but it looks like a Scorpion now.

However the toothbrush or more commonly known as Osprey never looked like a bird and now it does:

Please look for asymmetric birds and show me one or stop discussing taste - it leads to nowhere.

I was waiting for that model for 2 years and I love it.

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The inventory window closing when docking at a structure is still present after today’s fix even …, bleh

interestingly, i find that GPU usage doesn’t drop until I close the LAUNCHER, the clients are just as bad as before. They’ve got a sneak patch of code in there somewhere which is killing GPUs… I heat my basement with the laptop now.


Seeing same behavior. Does it on all my PCs with lower than 1000 series Nvidia cards

Launcher yes/no seems to be a definite factor. But it isn’t as simple as that. I rarely run more than one or two accounts at the same time, but some, eh, activities require prestaging. So you put a few more ready to log in and roll for the alert.

I have a profile for when I run multiple clients, it is set to play at low settings. I also have a profile for nice high quality, even though I couldn’t care less if EVE was a wireframe game because it isn’t about the shiny, but about the input/reward.

Here’s the thing though, low settings - at least for me - produce far far higher GPU usage than high settings. It’s not linear, but when you get to 4 - 5 accounts it’s rather impressively and disproportionally more than with 2 - 3.

Kill the launcher, and it becomes less, but it doesn’t go away. Previous patch introduced spikes. Now the top spike is the new normal. Unless I switch to high settings.

Which is fine at home, but work gear is restrictive, so to speak.


It was all pointed out in testing. To fix one tiny scam they changed a major game mechanic.

Unload without docking, that wasn’t going to cause problems :roll_eyes:


Hi, I’m not sure if thats the right place, but it happened in September, so here is some feedback regarding the Cordite Blossom SKIN sale.
Please consider to limit the number of skins one can buy directly from the NES to one per account per day.
As example for the Cordite Blossom: each account should be able to buy one skin for each hull of the pack per day.

The reason I ask this is because lets look at the numbers…
You said your target for the fundraiser was $20.000 US woth of SKINs sold.
I’m not sure of the current USD prices of the plex packages, so i calculated with the euro prices…
For 20.000€ you can get the 2.200+660 PLEX pack on you site 200x.
Thats a total of 572.000 PLEX, which converts to 9.533 single SKINs with a price of 60 PLEX each.
Or 1.192 packages of all 8 SKINs. Please correct me if that math is wrong…
Now, please check your statistics and look how many people bought how many skins and how fast where they sold out? That would be actually quite interesting if you could publish those numbers?
I assume there where quite a few who bought them in bulks lusting for the profit they can get now on the market.
I mean, looking at the current market prices for the skins which are at around 450mil but the invest was only 180mil assuming they just bought the plex off the market for around 3mil/pcs… Yep, thats quite some profit.

To get back to my proposal: at first I want to point out that it is quite bad there wasn’t at least one 24h cycle where people could pick them up in the new eden store. Seriously, people have to work and can’t just log in right after dt to buy some sweet skins… I mean sure they are just in the market now and not in the NES so whats the difference? Well apart from the price and that you don’t get the feeling to have contibuted to something, except maybe the wallet of the trader…
And at second I think such a sale should be about the tribute and not about the profit of some.

So by limiting the amount of such skins one account can buy per day you open up the possibility to more people to contribute to the tribute fundraiser directly.
tbh, traders will still buy quite a amount of these skins, utilizing their skillfarmes, but that will at least be effort to them…

At the end, I hope such a sale has to never happen again, considering the circumstances.
But life is how it is, stuff happens…