September 2018 Release - Known Issues

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The September release brings visual overhauls for the Osprey, Osprey Navy Issue, Basilisk and Etana, as well as the new Upwell Cargo Deposit feature for structures. In addition to this a whole host of defect fixes and quality of life improvements are included with this release.

You can check out the full patch notes for this release here, and EVE Updates will be refreshed in the coming days to include all the content that’s arrived with the September release.


Known Issues:

  • Upwell Structures: Cargo Deposit can be used after activating warp (while still in range of the Upwell structure), which should not be possible - fixed 12th Sept.
  • The Moon Drill turret and effects are currently not visible (Note: Moon Extractions are still functional) - fixed 12th Sept.
  • Mission Info Panel: When multiple NPCs are present in the same wave, the tooltip may not clearly indicate that the entire wave needs to be destroyed
  • Main inventory window closes on docking/undocking - remaining part fixed on 17th Sept.
  • Directional Scan button (default: V) is now opening & closing the d-scan window when a Scan Result is clicked on also (Anomalies, Signatures etc). - fixed 12th Sept.

Rogue Swarm Alert Event:

  • Some NPCs are not displaying graphical turret firing effects.
  • If the site timer runs out while the boss is being engaged, he will abruptly disappear rather than warping out.
  • Event Cerebral Accelerators are not listed on the market fixed 20th Sept.
  • The event specific implants are in the wrong market group (slot 9 instead of 7) fixed 26th Sept.

Are ESSs ever going to have info pages again? It’s been a known issue for a year.


The item hanger and ship hanger, disappear every redock so i have to manually go into inventory and shift click item hanger and ship hanger in order to get them to pop back up again


We are currently investigating this issue.


missile launcher on the (Navy)osprey are not at the new position :confused:

I cannot log in because of Incompatible version, the launcher does not update when I use Refresh. Good job, CCP.

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  • In-space sounds (engines, mining lasers, ship effects (shield hardners), etc.) have gone missing without alteration in pre- vs post-update settings. Restart did not fix the issue. Menu sounds and alerts continue to function normally.
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The game does not list additional modules in cargo when importing the fitting from clipboard. (Exporting however works correctly). Mobile Depots still can’t be added to fittings.

The module and fitting browser from the fitting window does not show the module “Stasis Webifier II”, when looked up in the “Hardware” search bar.

It would be great to get a bug report for this, reported from inside the client after you’ve experienced the issue. This will give us a lot of info about whats going on. Thanks!

Happens to me as well now that I managed to log in.

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Thanks for reporting these issues, we’re taking a look at them now. I can’t reproduce the problem with the Web, can you confirm its not filtered out by the filters you have chosen (ie. SKills, Resources)?

I think I found the issue:

  • Post update, the “World level” audio slider defaulted to 0

A different issue I noticed:

  • After undocking and running your first mining cycle, the “cargo hold full” warning plays if your regular cargo hold is (almost) full even when the ore hold is not.

I can’t even log in its saying it cant copy the files for Tranquility

d-scan a anomaly holding v (click to scan) closes and open the d-scan window if you dont have them stacked
if the windows are stacked the window switch focus to the d-scan window

see gif

I’m honestly not sure if this is a bug or whether it was intended but allowing people to deposit their cargo into a citadel while tackled is actually silly.

If you tackle any capitals or something during the 30 second tether delay upon jumping to a citadel, they can just deposit their entire cargo into the citadel making the kill empty and voiding the hunter of any loot. Please make it so this only works when not tackled.


Aparently GPU usage increased even on low settings.Alot of people multibox as many accounts as sustainable by their pc on low setting why did it go up?


This is not a bug, but it is valid feedback, which we will discuss further. For further feedback: Please use the feedback thread.

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Please remove PLEX, Skillinjectors and Extractors from the market ticker if using personal folder for it !

the launcher is sill bugged, the first account is hidden under the the black bar at the top lol…