SergBit (interesting crab fittings topic)

In this topic there will be ways to farm in the wh from Serg Sinist.
Perhaps something will be already known, and something new for you.

My vision is this: either try to reduce the cost of the finished format (look for a minimum) without losing efficiency (ACAP), or look for other ways to pass anomalies in the wh.

FITS \ YouTube \ Discord \ EVE: SYNDE MEMES

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ACAP#1. Very cheap way to farm garrison with drifterbit in C5
Video (rus language, but i insert eng subtitles)

Hello everybody! I (Serg Sinist) will show you how you can do anomalies in C5 using 2 torpedo Praxis and 3 healdrakes.

500+ kk\h (or 100-120 per member) \ 900 mil fleet cost


Praxis Torpedo \ Cruise \ RHML

Healdrake (require 3)

For questions, write to me or in the this channel:

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Stormbit - 3 stormbringers + 2 Ospreys
ACAP 2 - Cheap XLASB Golem
ACAP 3 - 1 bil\h using 2x Leshaks and 1 Nestor
ACAP1.1 - How to improve praxises and Drakes

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Hi, everyone! I create new video.

You can see how to farm anoms in wormholes on bombers with bifrost and vigil anywhere (in blackhole 1mn variant) as VLD.

Fits: 10mn \ 1mn | (click to “view fit” then “export”).

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Today you will learn the secret of Eosman and will be able to become one without spending a lot of ISK.

DPS: Myrm \ Eos\ Dominix

Web: Drake \ Praxis \ Huginn

Heal: Drake (min 3x)

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