[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

(z0rberg) #81

I know your point. Ya’rr probably thinkin’ I don’t give a crap about those, but that ain’t true. It’s all about the set and setting. Of course you can’t redesign highsec without the proper elemnts that lead to its introduction in the new player’s experience. They’d need to get to know it first and more than anything else they need options to make choices. Choices they currently arr’nt makin’, 'cause the system as it works now ‘s just ■■■■■■ up idiotic and not adapted to a more modern style of thinkin’.

You happy now, ma’am?

(Saeger1737) #82

Highsec the problem of the entire eve game… Highsec lacks the basic risk reward concept of the rest of the game.

To redo highsec I would simply redo the npc corps aspect.
Alphas and beginners get 90 days within an NPC corp to start before a tax increase on income from missions, mining and reprocessing of goods and services, after 180 days you’ll have to pay dock fees for ships starting out like a light tax but gradually getting more and more harsh As time goes on. Being removed for corp or quitting a corp still has the safety net of the NPC corp and lasts 30 days until taxes increase…
NPC corps can tax up to 80% after a year… This is to end those people who are lifers and complainers about daily activities in the game but don’t actually play the game the way it’s meant to be played.

You Dec a corp you pay the fee it will not be changed but however if your ship is killed by the defender or his/hers allies, a portion of the kill mail value will be paid to the people who killed you and only works for the side of defense. Basically it’s an incentive for everyone to enjoy a war. Neutral logi should remain suspect an unable to dock if an agression timer is present.

This game is an MMO it’s not about the single player experience it’s about going meeting people doing things that may get you killed and having fun at the end the day… Carebears in my opinion have lost sight of the original reason they started playing the game in the first place… Complacency is running amok and is burning out the fun. It’s time for change back to the dark tone we all loved.

(Savoycabbage) #83

Not got much of a problem with what you say actually, although the whole “value of a killmail” is a difficult one to implement (KM values vary depending on whether it’s the ingame or zkill value). Maybe a base price would have to be used, or find a way for jita average to be used in some way.

Also, logi (suspect or not) cannot dock with an aggression timer the way the current system works - they get the same weapons timer that the ships they rep get.

(Dyver Phycad) #84

Considering that more things and value are being destroyed in high sec, that’s a hilarious argument.

Complacency is running most amok in null sec where people enjoy more safety than in high sec. The claim that we should go back to the darker tones of EVE is also very funny from a war dec alliance that does not do much else than hugging trade hubs and dies to the faintest hints of opposition. Maybe you should start living outside the light first before you expect others to go to the darker side of EVE?

(Saeger1737) #85

Maybe carebears could play the pvp sandbox game the way it’s meant to be played instead of whining they can’t afk mine

(Whitehound) #86

One can afk-mine like never before. The Orca has become the #1 afk-miner. Mining drones will nibble on rocks until those are gone, the huge orehold has plenty of space for hours of afk-mining, and the eHP on it is comparable to that of a freighter. Even CODE. uses Orcas to afk-mine from what I’ve picked up.

It’s almost illegal that’s how simple it is now. Park one in an icebelt and at current prices will you make 100m ISKs per day, enough to support two accounts.

(Dyver Phycad) #87

And how is it supposed to be played? Like war decers who dock as soon as they see more than 2 opponents? Like war decers who don’t fly far beyond trade hubs or busy shipping lanes? I’d be careful with the stones you throw as your glass house is not made of shatter-proof glass either.

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(Alaric Faelen) #89

I would link taxes and services to Factional Warfare. It’s stupid that one side can essentially lose the war (lose all it’s contestable space) yet it have zero impact on that empire. The nature of a militia is that of citizen soldier, not professional as is the case currently. Having an impact on the everyday miner in high sec would do alot to encourage people to put down their mining lasers in favor of a gatling variety, if only to improve their own situation back home. (you know, sort of how militias work…)

Bring back racism. CCP should have left alphas linked to the race they chose at character creation. CCP creates all this great lore to immerse you in the game, then promptly abandons it. Why are we even forced to choose a race if that choice makes absolutely no difference whatsoever?
You should not be able to be christened a capsuleer by the mortal enemy of an empire only to be able to openly waltz across the border to the trade hub or be employed by the security apparatus of that empire (all that is replicated for each empire already).

Fix the Risk-Reward balance. Which means either high sec gets a lot harder, or the rewards get reduced to dust. For the amount of risk actually present in high sec, it should take a month of grinding to afford a Rifter, yet month old newbs are on the forums asking about which Marauder to throw a couple billion at. Ridiculous.

Ultimately, I think CCP wasted a perfect opportunity to make the first decade of Eve about the Rise of the Capsuleer, and the second about the fall out of new empires emerging- and pit the NPC empires against Sov. Transition FW to aim at sov- the NPC Empire loyalists versus the break away empires planting flags independent of empire rule. Point the two biggest PvP content groups at each other and let the lead fly.
Instead Eve remains not one game, but really a series of smaller games people carve off and ignore the entire rest of the game to do. I’d like to see a much more integrated New Eden.

(Piotr Leusten) #90

This is a nice thought, but the skill tree pretty much forces players to choose which part of the game they want to play – or use alts that specialize in different things.

And the implant rules help enforce this even further. A person with 4 billion worth of mining implants isn’t going to risk that character in PvP – especially if they might be going up against someone with max PvP skills and a head full of top-tier PvP implants.

How do you envision a more integrated game when the skills/implants almost force siloing?

(Alaric Faelen) #91

Jump clones. You don’t even need to grind 8.0 standings anymore. That used to be the biggest hurdle.
How do you think people with Mindlinks use the appropriate one for a given fleet? You end up with a clone for each Mindlink. How do you think anyone that flies an Interdictor rolls? Clean clone because you are going to die in your own bubble.
The skill tree doesn’t force anyone to solely focus on one thing. That would be what the classic RPG ‘class’ system did. The only thing that makes people focus on one piece of content to the exclusion of all others is the obsessive need to min/max, which is fine if that’s your thing but isn’t how the game should be developed.
Much like solo game play-- Eve is an MMO, and one famous for packing everyone into a single shard universe. The game mechanics revolve around the fleet concept of being more than just the sum of their parts…so while you should be able to succeed IN SPITE of basically doing it wrong, it should never be the core of how the game is developed.

(Mevatla Vekraspek) #92

And i want to pay CCP to kill retards and miners, what can you do about that?

(Saeger1737) #93

Bring it noob

(QuakeGod) #94

An AFK Orca makes exactly zero ISK per day if I’m anywhere near it…

(Salt Foambreaker) #95

Those are human behaviors not game issues. The people you describe are probably not playing the right game for their playstyle and the thickness of their skin.

(Urien Dealien Jita) #96

Warden cost should scale with size of Corp / alliance pilot numbers between the initiator of war and receiving side. Including alliance members if applicable. War can last only 14 days then same Corp alliance can not wardec same opponent for 30 days unless both sides agree on extension. For example.

(Urien Dealien Jita) #97

Also neutral reps should be abolished or punished with flag

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #98

Neutral reps are already punished with a suspect flag.

(Mercer Nen) #99

I seem to recall seeing stats from CCP on a number of occasions that indicated that the majority of players mostly dwell in Hisec. It’s not a vocal group, and possibly has more churn due to players not sticking around, but oddly enough Hisec players seem to be a big money maker for CCP. I might be wrong about that, but I’m fairly certain CCP has confirmed this in the past.

(Nico Boru) #100

No. They are fine.