[SERIOUS] How would you re-design Highsec if you could?

I’ve done both predatory wardeccing and defending against it.

It is very easy to operate under a wardec, you just need some basic opsec. Competent corp leaderships teach this to their members - during a war where you are not intending to act as the aggressor, only PVE in cheap ships and clones (if at all), do not use hauler type ships without a scout and/or combat escort, and research your enemies to work out their strengths and their active timezones.

And most of all - when you can get the numbers, set a trap and inflict some damage on the aggressors. Have ten players in voice chat hiding in a wormhole that leads direct to highsec, and on the highsec side, fly a bait ship through. As soon as you are tackled, log in and score some brutal kills, then GTFO. Fight back and your predators will either fear you or at least respect you.

Current HS corps are so poorly run that these things which should be ABC of running a corp just don’t happen. Those corps do not deserve to survive.


I would make WIS.

I’d separate the empires with at LEAST 1 lowsec system between them, then delete jita and put everything in asset safety, watch the markets re-congeal.

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“players need to get better, players need to get better, players need to get better” blah blah blah…

Or the game needs to be updated so it can differentiate between war and piracy, because under the current system, there is none. In high sec, losers like pirat and marmite declare mass war against randoms just because they can, and because the system is primitive and unable to stop abuse, they get away with it.

Currently the entire “ganking” mechanic is based around trying to find a loophole to escape the consequences of your actions. “Every time you undock you consent to pvp, face the consequences!!!” And yet the people saying this ■■■■ are the people who spend their time trying to glitch concord’s aggro mechanic.

Either everyone has consequences, or nobody should. Making centralized rules / laws apply differently to different groups has never had positive results, ever. One Game, One Law.


There is no escaping Concord so what, exactly, are you on about?

Anyone under -4.9 sec is unable to fly any ship in hs.

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That doesn’t sound like a very interesting game.

If anything had to be changed, I would look for anything that would allow open combat more easily.

For example:

  1. Allowing free engagement sooner on the sec status.
  2. Neutral logi/support going criminal after a given amount of time of being suspect.
  3. Allow T1-non faction dreads and small carriers to operate in .5-.6(possibly .7) space at slightly limited capabilities; i.e. no HAWs, no fax, arm faction police and concord with them as well.
  4. Bounties pay out 50% of bounty amount for legit kills. Only using current bounty payouts for ganks.
  5. More of a “tackle” role for a limited amount of time by Concord/Faction Police for capsuleers to kill criminals.
    6a. A watchlist/faster more accurate and expensive locator agent function to strengthen targeted wardecs and dial back on blanket decs.
    6b. Do not require wardecs to be tied to structures because that will just create a hisec “blue dounut.” Think about it.
  6. Allow a few moduals banned in empire space to be used in .5, .6 (maybe .7 space.) Not bombs or serious AOE dps weapons but HICs tackle abilities, warp traps, etc.

Basically anything that will allow a smoother transition on the hi/lowsec line.

Of course some of these would effect lowsec as well. You may pick and choose which you like, like them all or none.

Dislike as this would break the game.

With a heavy dose of natural selection in mind.

…and the less players are left, the higher the subscription fee! Because who wants lots of idiots paying 15 a month when you could charge 150 a month to the top breed of them?

cough cough

Again with this newbies dying is bad stuff…

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The first question to ask about any redesign is - what are the goals? Why would you redesign High sec?

  1. to get a higher conversion of first time people who try the game to long term players?
  2. to get more alpha clones to be omega clones?
  3. to chase people out of high sec to nulsec?
  4. to provide a refuge for bitter vets?
  5. to allow older players to harass new players and chase the weak out of the game?
  6. to make it possible for anyone to flex every month?

Until someone sets a clear set of goals, then no discussion of how to serious redesign highsec. The only thing that will happen is people will shoot down any idea because their goal is different from the idea that was put forth by the other person with a different goal in mind.

If I were CCP I would be thinking about (1) and (2) because that means more income for CCP and more resources to improve the game.

But your goals may differ.

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1.2 …and extend the tenure of players who stay in highsec.

More highseccers for more time would be great for CCP and EVE since they are more abundant and easier to retain than other players.

Unfortunately the concept still is that players should not stay in high and being in high is “playing it wrong”

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Actually wrong highsecers are the ones who quit the easiest because they got no ties to the community no in game friends

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OK i do not give ****** about company and group “play” and “in-game-so-called-friends”. I am blooody sociopat and I like to play alone so what is about my money do ccp want my money or not ???

When you expect to be left alone you won’t get it
So learn to play with others to some extent

I do not want to L2P and what you can do about that ??? Write 1000x times L2P

You are just silly :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Just what we need, thread #3,456,789 about how to nerf high sec and change it to suit ones narrow agenda.

Don’t like high sec as it currently exists OP? Fine, don’t stay there.