Where are new characters getting killed?

Seen an influx of opinions on where new players are dying in EVE Online. Since I have a nice database of both killmails, and character history, I wanted to take a look for myself and understand where these folks keep losing their ships. Since I pulled the data, figured I would share.


  • N=610.
  • Characters were less than 7 days old at the time of loss.
  • 30 days of data as of 2018-02-26
  • Kill per unique characterID per category. Ship + pod loss counts as 1. Single pod loss counts as 1.
  • gank = killed by players with mean sec status lower than -4.5 at time of kill in highsec.
  • wardec = killmail has a warID and is in highsec.

What seems to be quite clear is that there are a large number of new players getting into low sec, despite the warning dialog. A large number are driven there by Faction War.

Full dataset: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vRz56C81dGYgIN79Z_Pqyf0lDf_V8CKFK55vZi_SlGx_KuGkTWz6aBnfr5Jgamrh4LBxLbREREm4h3Y/pubhtml

Do with this as you will.

Updated 27-2-18

Here is a more inclusive dataset of the last 120 days including characters with ages up to 90 days at the time of loss: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTjflNydOXPw98Ni2oumO_qOfNoAwrbRLtSNln6hEyBMgHG02-_t4pC0IP54hFXpyOdVtIHkWaa2oMz/pubhtml

Two graphs of this dataset:


Broke out some more categories and dumped any other highsec losses into two new categories. We have:

  • Kills are per unique characterID per category. Ship + pod loss counts as 1. Single pod loss counts as 1. Two or more ship losses counts as 1.
  • highsec-gank = killed by players with mean sec status lower than -4.5 at time of kill in highsec.
  • highsec-wardec = killmail has a warID and is in highsec.
  • highsec-facwar = killmail is likely from faction war and is in highsec.
  • highsec-other = killmail likely from going suspect, shooting a suspect, or ganked with good sec status.
  • lowsec-facwar = killmail is likely from faction war and is in lowsec.
  • lowsec = all other lowsec losses
  • nullsec = loss was in nullsec
  • WH = loss was in a Wormhole

Seems like good news. Low sec is the most fun way to die. Ganking and wardecs aren’t as bad as some might think.


Excellent work. Without disputing your findings, I would ask by what criteria you identified ganks?

Also, it would be interesting to see lowsec as a function of “single death” and “repeated deaths”. Would be fun to see how many went into lowsec, got popped and said “nope… that’s not fun” and how many said “cooooooool… ■■■■… but coooool…”.


Nice information.

Thanks for the thread.

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Now the question is how many of these are bots farming fw plexes?


Ib4 some carebear apologist will make the point that he can completely disregard the statistic for some made up reason and continue to pretend that ganking is an issue for new players.


ganked = HS without war?

there is a dialog coming to warn when you jump into LS so
there is not much you really can do
that will allways happen
new players should join a corp as soon as possible to learn what does HS LS NS and WH really trys to tell :wink:

thanks for the information - really cool!!


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not true

they are killed by this game , too boring for new players after 7 days so most of the players just give up playing and move on.

The “ganked” criteria is losses that have attackers with a mean sec status lower than -4.5 at the time of kill.

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Nice of you to get all those data :slight_smile:



2.8 % die to wardecs.

Would not be surprised if the crowd that believes that wardecs are causing new players to leave comes in a rubbishes this data.


In three … Two … One …


I’m sure you agree that ganking is not reliant on sec status, but this is valid as a metric for what it is, now that you have stated its parameter. Investigating ganks purely based on CONCORD reaction would be far harder to collate data on, albeit more representative. We can thus deduce gank stats are higher than this graph shows, but dont know by how much.

The LS stat is outstanding. I expect this is largely due to genuine new player lack of experience/know how regarding sector mechanics either accidentally flying into LS or following one of their early escalations/missions there without due preparation.

Also, LS faction warfare.

The NS stat is odd. I’m at a loss to explain that proportionately high attrition, especially regarding genuine new players. I’m going to need help figuring that one out.

I think wardec attrition of new toons is within acceptable limits.

I think the gank stat is too high for the good of the game, even at 4.8%.
Why are 7day accounts being ganked at even this rate?
They have nothing of value on them to warrant this aggression for profit.
(Barring the tiny % of 7day accounts that are SP injected and blinged.)

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Only you could turn it into a rant about carebear apologists and ganking. Fact is that the majority of new players are going straight into nullsec entities, so would not surprise me that many were killed trying to get into nullsec or blindly jumping into lowsec.

Depends on how you want to dissect that data, but to state that this is true when it is up to 7 day old characters is a bit meh. I always had you down as a more thoughtful player when it came to this sort of thing. I don’t suppose there are many 7 day old characters setting up a corp and then getting war decked to death within that seven days.

As for the OP, why 7 days, perhaps you should define 6 months and do it? Perhaps correlate with those that created their own newbie corps in hisec?

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This is very nice data indeed
Also @Ima_Wreckyou gg for predicting the future :wink: heheheh


I tried to provide you with a wardec/watchlist solution in the other thread…
Your short response was basically to return wardec/watchlist to what it was before.

Yeah I am just tired of seeing the same threads over and over and you find out at some point that the dudes alt… or himself was killed during a wardec.

And no matter how good your reply might be.


I would also agree on that, atleast when I know there’s CEO’s out there using their members as slaves, accepting all applications even if they already are at war. These corporations are mostly run by an afk ceo making isk on newbies, not helping or guiding them at all. In the past I’ve done my best trying to tell the new players to leave the corp and focused on older players instead.


Yeah not your post. As mentioned just below it feels like no matter how good an idea like yours is. If people can still wardec… it will be an issue.

Sorry for derailing. back to the data.


Also not to derail, but I really did try to find a workable solution that covers as many bases/exceptions as possible. Imo, it formed a coherent whole, that covered the angles.

I cant deny I was a disappointed that you didn’t respond to its entirety…

But yes, back to data of this thread.