The Argument for War Declaration Changes

No details required.

The question is and stands as this:

Do you dispute there is more PvP in HS than in Player NS?

And that was addressed to Jonah, not you.

I already answered.

I asked you to be more specific, I have no evidence that points either way, neither do you; which is the point.

Beyond that what specific metrics are you using to measure the amount of PvP that happens in hisec vs nullsec?


I don’t care who you’re addressing your comments to.

CCP has stated they find the activity especially after wardecs lacking. Hence they want to change them and thereby increase the activity.



I don’t know.

Neither do you.

Unlike you, I don’t like to give an uninformed opinion; it looks like some data is available so I’ll take a look at it before positing my opinion

@Mevatla_Vekraspek source for data?


Yeah, you never do.
Its sort of your thing since years to show up in issues that harm your interests and demand evidence on this or that, then fall back on you not knowing any better either way. Its your role in the troll brigade. The stonewaller.

Its old and tiresome, and very transparent as to why and how you do this.

Question still stands. If no one can answer it, hopefully CCP will.

That’s why I ask for evidence, data, proof … duh.

Informed opinion and all that.


Just to interject some facts:

Numbers based on ESI I could quickly gather.
Rough numbers/percentages, but in the “ballpark”
75% pilots in Hs
Ship kills are at around 40%HS, 40% NS, 20% other.
Sharp increase in HS kills last part of October, probably event related.
NS and HS trade places on most number of ship kills per any one day.
LS had a huge increase in June, surpassing NS, but has fallen back to normal starting in July.

You may resume your ongoing “debate”.


And we’re back to population density, I don’t suppose you have a percentage for nullsec population do you?

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And I asked you:

You either do, or dont dispute it.

To help everyone gather information based on ESI data, please go to:

Plug in what you want to search for and gather your ammo for your cause.



No. You didn’t give anyone a chance. You don’t even give yourself a chance. You deliberately troll people with your questions. You imply people would dispute you when we’re here to find an agreement. Further is there no question as to how much activity there is, because it was answered by CCP and sources have been given. As long as you don’t stop with your hateful behaviour are you only distancing yourself from us, who are here to have a discussion on the coming changes. Until you change will you only make enemies on this forum. Don’t burn your last bridges.


OMG, NS is way more violent!! less than 25% of pop. and 40% of kills. OMG OMG OMG the world is falling apart


Based on a somewhat limited summary of the data, which was kindly pulled from ESI by @Buoytender_Bob.

On a per capita basis, which is what statistics like this use as a metric IRL, then I would say that your opinion may well be ill informed.


Thank you.

Since when is asking questions considered trolling.

You are pushing way too far now, especially since you are spam flagging and reporting for no legitimate cause.

It seems to me this conversation is just between a few people now according to the stats. Its unfortunate that some think they have to have the last word, or parting shot.

At some point you have to realize that you are not going to change someones mind, so you are in fact wasting your time.

Id estimate at least 20% of the HS pilot stat, is Player NS alts in transit to and from it.

Id also estimate that at least 40% of HS explosions are by Player NS players suicide ganking or mass wardeccing in HS while they farm simultaneously in Player NS.

In other words, Player NS is making a mockery of HS security to get their PvP kicks, while they farm PvE in Player NS.

Your question was if we dispute your findings. We are not here to dispute. We are here to discuss and to agree. Hence did I ask you to give us a measurement so we can be on the same page about how you wish to quantify it.

Maybe you don’t see how this is wrong and offensive, but to those of us who know the forum guidelines and do seek a dispute-free discussion are your attempts of bringing disputes into the discussion not more than trolling.

We do not want to dispute, we want to agree to terms we all can agree to.